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Jul 21, 1999 10:25 AM

Butcher in LA??

  • j

I'm looking for the LA equivalent of Florence Meat
Market in New York--a small, old world shop where a
friendly guy sells high quality dry-aged beef at a fair

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  1. j
    jonathan gold

    There really is no L.A. equivalent of Florence Meat Market. European Sausage Kitchen in Beverly Hills has the small, old world thing down, but obviously sells sausage instead of steak; the disarmingly Teutonic Schreiner's in the Montrose/Glendale area has great pork things, but no steak. (There is, I think, a place in San Marino that may or may not be called San Marino Meats that is pretty much what you seem to be looking for.)

    Bristol Farms, though, does have a very nice meat department, and swell aged steaks. Superior Meat, on Pico near Beverly is also good, and also ages its steaks.

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    1. re: jonathan gold

      If you have no luck in finding a
      small, old-world style butcher shop
      in L.A., you might try Marconda's
      Meats located inside Farmer's
      Market at 3rd and Fairfax. They do
      sell prime quality aged beef.

      1. re: Stuffy
        Chris Wegener

        I would highly recommend Hardy's meat in M&M Market on Coldwater Canyon at Moorpark in Studio City. Excellent meat and great service. (Yes I know it is in htat benighted hinterland the Valley.)