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Butcher in LA??

Jack Jul 21, 1999 10:25 AM

I'm looking for the LA equivalent of Florence Meat
Market in New York--a small, old world shop where a
friendly guy sells high quality dry-aged beef at a fair

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  1. j
    jonathan gold RE: Jack Jul 22, 1999 08:36 PM

    There really is no L.A. equivalent of Florence Meat Market. European Sausage Kitchen in Beverly Hills has the small, old world thing down, but obviously sells sausage instead of steak; the disarmingly Teutonic Schreiner's in the Montrose/Glendale area has great pork things, but no steak. (There is, I think, a place in San Marino that may or may not be called San Marino Meats that is pretty much what you seem to be looking for.)

    Bristol Farms, though, does have a very nice meat department, and swell aged steaks. Superior Meat, on Pico near Beverly is also good, and also ages its steaks.

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    1. re: jonathan gold
      Stuffy RE: jonathan gold Jul 30, 1999 10:15 PM

      If you have no luck in finding a
      small, old-world style butcher shop
      in L.A., you might try Marconda's
      Meats located inside Farmer's
      Market at 3rd and Fairfax. They do
      sell prime quality aged beef.

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        Chris Wegener RE: Stuffy Mar 31, 2000 03:06 PM

        I would highly recommend Hardy's meat in M&M Market on Coldwater Canyon at Moorpark in Studio City. Excellent meat and great service. (Yes I know it is in htat benighted hinterland the Valley.)

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