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Dec 12, 2007 02:45 PM

Fondue or Chinese Hotpot cooking fuel


I'm looking for a alcohol-based liqulid fuel (denatured alcohol) that's used to cook a Chinese hotpot or a fondue.

Does anyone know what's exactly called? Where can I buy a product like this in Toronto?
I already called Homedepot and they don't seem to have something like this.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Below is a pic of the burner. Liqulid fuel is put in the container and lid with the cotton ball on top.

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  1. Try a smaller hardware store, like Home Hardware, or a cooking store. I've also found it at the grocery store.

    1. I have found it at Canadian Tire (I think in the section with matches and Coleman stoves) and also at the grocery store (also in the matches section, often with the aluminum pie plates).

      1. Of all places, Dollarama sells burner fuel for fondue pots, etc. It can be found in the section with their cooking wares...

        1. Tap Phong on Spadina sells them, as do most chinese houseware stores.

          1. hi

            alternatively you can pick up a hot pot burner at any chinese grocery store....T n T is where we bought ours.....for like $20 bucks, comes with the burner/grill and butane. And the butane refills can be bought at any grocery store as well.