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Dec 12, 2007 02:27 PM

NYE recommendations for Bawlmer

Hi. Looking for a rec for 4 people, New Year's Eve in Baltimore, preferably around Fells Point or near the Inner Harbor...

We've done this before: a couple of years ago we went to Brewer's Art for dinner (which we liked!), walked down to the Wharf Rat in the Inner Harbor, had a few drinks, watched the fireworks... and went back to the Wharf Rat.

Looking for something different, but similar ;-) -- if you know what I mean.

The only restrictions: preferably under $150/person including drinks, tax & tip, and no Chinese.

Been to Charleston, too, but that's probably not in our budget for that night.

TIA, as ever.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Hey hounds. What seems to be the problem? None of you can come up with a single recommendation for NYE in Baltimore? Not even w/all the information I gave? hmmmmm. Me thinks you people want to save those recs to get a reservation yourselves, eh? C'mon!!! Be nice ;-)

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        I try to stay out of the Inner Harbor on New Year's, but maybe you could try Pazo for dinner and cocktails. I think I heard that they recently changed their menu a bit...

      2. After many a disappointing NYE out on the town, I completely avoid restaurants on that night. I cook a gourmet meal at home and drink plenty of reasonably-priced champagne. We burn 'evil past events' in the fire place to symbolize leaving them behind as we welcome good luck in the new year.
        That said, I'll bet Ruth's Chris has a good meal that night. Good luck.

        1. worst night of the year to go out to eat. most places raise prices and have a limited menu. You are better off going to a gourmet grocery store and for $150 pp you can dine and drink like kings in the comfort of your hotel or home, then go out to bars if you like.

          1. Well -- judging from everyone's input, it looks as if we'll just keep our rez @Brewer's Art for that night. They don't offer a special menu, so the prices are the same as every night, and it's still in walking distance to the Inner Harbor fireworks. I do like my fireworks :-D.
            Thanks anyway, and I wish you hounds a good time on New Year's Eve --- whatever you end up doing! Cheers.