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Dec 12, 2007 02:09 PM

Kid friendly fun place near the ROM - maybe as far west as Bathurst

Going to the Dinosaur exhibition on Sunday with our 12 and 10 year old nephews (one eats anything, one is a bit fussy but is fine with carbs like pizza/fries/etc) - would like a fun place to go for lunch that has good food...........what do I mean by fun - well we used to take our god children to Milwaukees on Lombard - pool tables, pinball machines, OK burgers........

Geography is wide - from Pape/Queen area to Bloor/Bathurst .......... any suggestions are appreciated.......

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  1. Ma'am, you have a plethora of problems the most challenging of which I believe to be Open Sunday. I'll offer up one suggestion in hopes other moms (I'm not one) may chime in. If you need a place with a theme or fun stuff, how about Wayne Gretzky's?

    1. RichTree can be fun, 10-12 is old enough to be able to sit still for a lil while but still be visually entertained by everything thats happening. RichTree is colourful and they can watch the food being made, etc.

      I used to go there when I was younger and it was still the Marche, I always enjoyed it.

      1. What about something-like teppanyaki at Yamato (Yorkville)?

        The food is a bit of a zag, but not actually that weird, and the floorshow can be pretty entertaining?

        1. If you go to the Sunday brunch buffet at the Bloor Street Diner, the kids might get a kick out of the chocolate fountain and building their own lunch. There are also pool tables there. Kids under 12 are $10.95.

          We found pubs are often family friendly, with kids' menus, crayons, high chairs, etc. The Duke of York is around the corner on Prince Arthur. And there's also a few family friendly pubs along the Danforth-Riverdale stretch. We've taken kids to Dora Keogh and Auld Spot.

          To keep kids occupied and entertained while waiting for food and/or during the meal, we used to take a deck of trivial pursuit cards or oh-canada trivia or those brain teaser flip cards, and challenge each other. It was fun for us but it may not be every kid's cup of tea.

          Duke Of York
          39 Prince Arthur Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 1B2, CA

          Bloor Street Diner
          55 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M4W1A5, CA

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions - but I think the forecast has changed our plans for tomorrow!

            But if we do go I think the Bloor Street Diner will work out well for the location and the food - thanks again