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Dec 12, 2007 02:09 PM

Portland ?

Heading to Portland this weekend and need some recs. Staying at Portland Regency.

1. A late dinner/ Bar snack for Friday night 9-10 p.m.

2. a cofee/ muffin/ doughnut shop.Saturday morning.

3. Lunch Spot. ( thinking Duckfat). Saturday

4. Breakfast/ Brunch/lunch. Sunday

5. Bar with live Music/ good beer/ cocktails

Saturday night have reservations at 555.


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  1. 1 vignola on Dana st

    2 standard baking or bagel works
    4 local 188 congress st

    5 empire dine and dance - sean mencher
    swing combo - no cover great band

    1. Good call on Empire for Saturday night. I'm looking forward to checking it out. There are pictures of opening weekend on their myspace page. You can get to it from going to

      1. I agree with Vignola. If you want something more casual with a full menu you can walk up one block from The Regency to Sebago Brewing Company. They serve right up until 1 where Vignola serves to midnight.

      2. I agree with Standard Baking. Again, a real quick walk for you and they have good coffee.

      3. I still don't understand all the hype for Duckfat and their non filling expensive paninis. I would head up to Monument Square to Henry VIII's. Basically the best sandwiches on the planet. Handcarved turkey, roast beef, and ham sandwich. Got a platinum plate from TV Diner.

      4. You have to get to the Front Room for one of your meals so make it brunch on Sunday. Front Room is great for any of the three meals.

      5. Like the last person said, I'd check out Empire but it is a little bit of a walk for you. I always love to check out Dave Rowe downstairs at Bull Feeney's. That's a block away from the regency. As my name says I love Gritty's and I go there everytime I go out. If you are up on Congress st to check out Empire, you could go a few buildings down to the White Heart. It's a pretty young crowd. I would really recommend going to the Top of the East for a drink for the view alone. That's at the top of the Eastland Hotel. Not to throw even more stuff at you, but you will be right next to The Big Easy club. They have great bands there so you could check that out too.

      1. Hey Phatchris, im from portland and i have worked in a few restaurants here. here are some ideafor what ur looking for.latenight: Vignola(reservation needed maybe) , they are open until 12(10 dana street). a coffee: mr bagle awesome bagles, muffins, small coffee slection(moultin st.), breaking new grounds extensive tea selection and coffee, descent pastries (exchange street). lunch(i was going to suggestduckfat hmm, maybe dogfish cafe, by the art museum( great beer, great lost bear on forest ave. long beer list) breakfast/brunch spot: Bintliffs cafe (portland&forest intersection accross from the postoffice)not over priced. bar with live music(depends on what kinda of scene ur looking for) Ri Ras. awesome bar. the big easy, white heart allgood places.and 555 is an amazing restaurant nothing like hugos butim a patron to 555 myself. I hope this -helps you out a little bit.

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        1. re: gnocchimaster123

          If you are coming from anywhere that has half way decent bagels, forget Mr. Bagel. At best, they are on the level of what Shaw's, Hannaford or other super market bakery would would sell.

        2. For #1, Rosie's is right near the hotel (Fore St.) Nice burgers. Perfect if you arrive and the weather is lousy.

          1. I am going to reply before reading other replies so as to not predijuce my answers, I did peek a little and saw the word Empire, I too can't wait to check out Saturday:

            1. A late dinner/ Bar snack for Friday night 9-10 p.m.
            Walk uptown to DownTownLounge or Local 188. Good atmosphere, late night food

            2. a cofee/ muffin/ doughnut shop.Saturday morning.
            I would do a coffee shop on Exchange Street, preferably Breaking New Ground then walk to Standard Baking.

            3. Lunch Spot. ( thinking Duckfat). Saturday
            Duckfat is a fantastic choice, if you want slightly quicker but a good sandwich, Henry VII, a little longer, check out Norms right by Duckfat.

            4. Breakfast/ Brunch/lunch. Sunday
            Get in the car and go to Cafe at Pats! It's above a meet market...enough said.

            5. Bar with live Music/ good beer/ cocktails
            Do Congress st, like White Heart, Empire, and the Downtown Lounge and Local as mentioned above. Also I love the bar at your hotel. Start your night there. Or hit the Top of the East for champagne and a view. You are going to be in the middle of Congress w/ 555 anyway.

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            1. re: amyc

              Thanks for all the suggestions. I eneded up at:

              1. Arrived earlier than expected and hit up the Flatbread company for pizza, salad, and beer. decent pizza, cool hippie vibe, decent brews on tap.

              2. Went to breaking new grounds and got a nice cup of tea. cool place huge selections.

              3. Duckfat it was; awesome poutine, decent pork belly sandwich. will definately be back for the poutine.

              4.left too early to beat the storm.

              5.Gritty's for awesome black fly stout. Bar at hotel ( Amory Lounge) for a couple glasses of vino. Empire fit the bill nicely for some live music.

              Dinner at 555; Started with a good sazerac, a nice cheese plate with crostini and a cranberry meyer lemon compote.
              Next up was the grilled caesar with white anchovies which was awesome.
              Main course did the scallops which were another standout.
              The one not so good dish was my wifes cioppino which was very grainy. Kind of odd seeing as the mussels and clams were not the least bit sandy, but he broth was.
              Overall a nice experience and wopuld go back for the caesar and scallops alone.