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Chinese/Japanese/Asian Supermarkets - Ireland (cork)?

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Hi I've recently moved from Paris to Cork in Ireland, and have hunted high and low for a decent chinese/japanese supermarket but seem Cork is really lacking.

Am I looking in the wrong place, can someone point me in the right direction, or will I need to go further a field (dublin?) to satify my food shopping habits? :(

Would anyone also beable to recommend perhaps an online Chinese/Japanese supermarket? :/

Thanks in advance

Mokona - /craving gyoza

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  1. http://www.mountfuji.co.uk/

    This is a UK online Japanese food shop. According to the website they will deliver to the R of I but you will have to pay delivery charge of £11.99, may be worthwhile if you can't find options more locally.

    1. try the Ethnic Market in Barrack st. tis the biggest Chinese supermarket in Cork!