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Dec 12, 2007 01:30 PM

Swedish Christmas Food: Cardamom Coffee Cake

So this is going to be resoundingly vague, but my BF is not making it back home for Christmas this year, and he always talks about this food they have at Christmas that is sort of like Coffee cake, but there was something different about the texture, maybe? And it had a name that was long and Swedish, and I thought I would never figure out how to make it for him, but then when I made Ethiopian food last night he noticed the cardamom in it and mentioned that it was the main ingredient in this cake.

So my question is how do I make the cake?


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  1. A cake-coffee cake or a bread-coffee cake?...I know, if he can't tell the difference, it's hard to get the info out of them...try


    1. I don't know how authentically Swedish it is, but there is a very good recipe for Cardamom coffee cake in one of the old Moosewood cookbooks. I made it years ago and really liked it. As I recall the first two ingredients are a box of brown sugar and a pound of butter. Yum. You cook it in a tube pan or a bundt pan, and it doesn't have a crumble or topping.

        1. I made a cardamom coffee cake about a month ago... and several people suggested the Moosewood recipe mentioned above. I dried a Woman's Day recipe that I didn't like and I wish I had gone with Moosewood. The one I made was kind of dry... but several here and on food blogs vouched for the Moosewood recipe. I doubt that one will be dry with lots of butter and sour cream. I've actually made many, many Moosewood recipes over the years, thoroughly enjoying all of them -

          Cardamom flavor will be more pronounced if you toast up the seeds and grind them yourself. The scent is VERY strong, though -- spicy and heavy. It was a bit much for me and I opened the windows, but if BF wants a taste/scent of home and you grind it yourself, he'd probably enjoy a cardamom-fragrant kitchen :)

          1. The best I've had is the Cardamom Coffee Cake from the Fiddlehead Restaurant here in Juneau. They published a cookbook which is available from Amazon and is well worth the purchase price. I was fortunate enough to have the baker work for me in another capacity and was the recipient of the occasional cake so I didn't have to even expend the energy to bake it myself.