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Dec 12, 2007 01:18 PM

Toasted Rice

I received Ceclia Chiang's The Seventh Daughter as a holiday gift. Several of the recipes call for "toasted rice or seasoned rice" The recipe header said the rice comes in small packets. I've been preparing Chinese food for many years and never heard of this ingrediant. I went to Ranch 99 and no luck finding such an item. Any suggestions? Melanie?
Does go by another name? HELP!!

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  1. Could it be the crispy rice that is sometimes used for sizzling rice soup? I know they sell pre-made cakes like this in individual packets.


    1. I've seen this rice product in the East Bay at both the Berkeley Bowl and Tokyo Fish Market.

        1. Manila Oriental Market on Mission has bags of toasted rice. It's loose and not particularly seasoned but might work for your recipe.

          1. I found it!! It's a Thai not Chinese ingrediant. I found it at Tuk Tuk on University Avenue in Berkeley. Thanks to all who responded

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              Can you tell us what it looks like, name, brand, etc, in case we want to find it?

              What are you making with it??

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                does it resemble what foodfanUSA mentioned above?