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Dec 12, 2007 01:00 PM

Grimaldi's - Dallas

Has the new outpost of Grimaldi's opened in West Village? If not, do any of you 'hounds know when it is slated to open up?


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  1. Grimaldi's as in the delicious pizza joint in NYC?

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      1. re: DFWGuy

        I was by there on Sat Dec 8th. They were not open yet.

        1. re: DFWGuy

          I am psyched! I love good pizza and after moving here from NY it has been my mission to find some. That and soup dumplings, which have been found and devoured many times over. I can't wait till they open. My heart is all aflutter :)

            1. re: hhshames

              Where did you find soup dumplings in Dallas?

              1. re: sl1

                I'm guessing hhshames is referring to Yao Fuzi. . .

                1. re: vktp

                  That is correct. I ate 3 orders last night.

                2. re: sl1


                  Yoa Fuzi in Plano - Preston @ Park in the same center at Studio Movie Grill and Shanghai Restaurant @ Preston & LBJ - 12817 Preston Rd.


                  1. re: soulslinger

                    Awesome. I never even thought to look for those in Dallas. Thanks.

                    1. re: soulslinger

                      They have a great looking menu. Lots of yummy stuff!

                      Why can't I find a place like this in the city limits of Dallas? Grrrr!

            2. hey DFWGuy, i hear that it will be open mid next week - tuesday or wednesday - definitely by the end of the week

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              1. re: teegee

                Thanks, teegee. I am looking forward to giving it a try and will report back once I do.

              2. Per DMN Eats blog, they opened yesterday.

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                1. re: vktp

                  . . .and I'm munching on a slice right now. My first experience with authentic NY style, so no real basis of comparison. All I know is that it's good. Margherita with italian sausage. The crust is thin-- crispy outer crust, gooey center. The mozz is melted in a thin, layer, barely covering the entire pie, with bald spots of tomato sauce peeking through. The italian sausage comes in large crumbled chunks. There's a slight spicy, peppery kick.

                  At 7:45 on a Tuesday, Day 2 that it's open, the restaurant was already 1/3 full. Mix of families and single professional types. The idle thought crossed my mind that they must have hired actors, because some people were embodying the NY yuppie image all too well. Exposed brick, wood trim, elegant bar, and decor emphasizing their NY heritage.

                  A definite new addition to my regular rotation, especially with large groups.

                  1. re: vktp

                    Ate there this week. Nice interior design, excellent pizza, and inexpensive wine list. This place was more casual than I expected given its trendy location.

                    The house salad was pretty lifeless (the "insalata basica" at Campania is far better), but the pizza made up for it. Thin coal-fired crust, a liberal amount of mild red sauce, and quality toppings.

                    But the oddest thing about our experience was the service. Our server was so eager to please that she wouldn't leave us alone. She sort of hovered around the table, interrupted us frequently, and seriously put us on edge. Even after wine and pizza, I left feeling stressed out and uncomfortable.

                    Let's hope the wait staff works out their opening week jitters. Grimaldi's cannot beat Fireside Pies or Campania in terms of overall experience, but they make a good pie and I will probably return.

                    1. re: interference

                      Funny, I went back tonight with friends and had the exact same experience dining in with the waitstaff. She kept launching into the coal vs. wood fired explanation as each member of our party successively showed up. Then we were asked if we needed another drink at the rate of every 5+ minutes. Then the dessert spiel-- twice. And 2 different managerial types showed up to ask how our pizza was. All in the space of an hour.

                      Upon ordering half ham, half sausage, she responded with something along the lines of "So you want ham on the left and sausage on the right? Or do you want half ham, half sausage on each?" Um, huh?

                      Also agreed that Campania remains #1 in my heart. But that's probably a matter of personal preference.

                      And yes, we left feeling stressed. But I can forgive overbearing service considering it's a nice woman who's just trying to do her job well vs. the opposite. I'm sure the service will mellow out over time.

                      1. re: vktp

                        I don't want to launch into a great debate over this issue, but I must be missing something about Campania. I have been a couple of times and was completely underwhelmed on both visits. While the quality and freshness of the ingredients was apparent, the margherita pizza was very "soggy" both times despite asking for a it a bit well-done. What gives?

                        1. re: DFWGuy

                          DFWGuy, I'll bite. I think you are right about the soggy crust. Quality has slipped a bit since Campania first opened. I still quite enjoy their fresh toppings and BYOB policy... but perhaps the soggy crust could be attributed to a reformulated sauce?

                          My Grimaldi's pizza stayed dry on the bottom, even as reheated leftovers the next day.

                        2. re: vktp

                          I went last night with a friend and I think we had the same server as interference and vktp! Bless her heart, she tried soooo hard, but it was just not a comfortable experience since we kept getting interrupted by her. She literally read the entire menu to us, including the ingredients in all of their salads. And then it was on to describing every single topping possible for pizza.

                          We had the Caprese salad, which was very fresh. Pizza was excellent with a thin, crispy yet chewy crust. We ordered 2 personal pizzas: Regular with meatballs, Italian sausage and ricotta & White with garlic, oven roasted red peppers, ricotta, and fresh basil. The pizzas were quite large and we only ate half of each since we were so full. The meatballs and Italian sausage on the pizza were addictive, definitely my favorite. And you can't go wrong with a full carafe of house wine for only $15.

                          I would definitely come back again for the food, but will ask for another server as the one we had was just way too overbearing. But I guess I'd rather have her than a rude and incompetent server.

                          1. re: kelly2

                            Have been to Grimaldi's twice already. Fortunately, I have been spared the overbearing server that previous posters have mentioned. The pizza is excellent -- it is now up there with Olivella's on my list. The coal fired oven provides a charred cripsy crust that cannot be duplicated at places like Campania (at least the one in West Village).

                            I do wish that they had some designer pizzas (pizzas with the topping already laid out for the customer) because ordering every topping a la carte can become pricey. I have found one combination that I really think works well together though -- the white pizza with ricotta, ham and kalamata olives. I highly encourage you all try the combination and let me know what you think.

                  2. The original comment has been removed
                    1. Had dinner at Grimaldi's on Saturday evening. Shared a large Caesar salad between two adults. Salad was very good, a little over dressed. Very large, easily enough for 4. Ordered a large pizza, half plain other half with mushrooms & calamata olives. Cheese half was excellent, sweet sauce, fresh cheese applied sparingly. Half with toppings wasn't so great, too much of the toppings made the pizza too heavy and a little soggy. Sent it back to cook a little longer which made the crust better, but toppings were still heavy. Will ask for a ligtht touch with the toppings next time. Crust was very good but not as charred as I would expect from a coal oven. Waiter told us we can ask for well done next time. we will. Maybe oven wasn't hot enough. Anyway, we will be back. In my opinion this is agruably the best pizza in Dallas at the moment, especially since coal vines no longer has a coal oven.