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Dec 12, 2007 12:39 PM

Where to buy Chickpeas / Garbanzo beans in SF?

My husband and I are dying to try out the fried garbanzo recipe here in Chowhound. Thing is, is that we've been to Trader Joes and Safeway and we can't find them at all. We would like to know where we can find garbanzos for a reasonable price.

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    1. indian store on polk and post should have dry ones, which u soak for a night ahead. also safeway does have canned ones, in the mexican bean section

      1. I know that Trader Joe's carries both conventional and organic canned chickpeas. Did you ask and they were just out the day that you went?

        Since the recipe calls for canned chickpeas, that's what I mentioned. I believe they run $0.69 and $0.89, respectively.

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        1. re: chemchef

          Which section of the Trader Joes are the chickpeas located? Yes I asked and they said they were out. Hope they are restocked when we go again!

          1. re: wliu

            They are in the grocery aisle: canned soups, stocks, etc.

        2. That's weird that Safeway would be out of canned chick peas...I know of at least 3 brands on the Safeway shelf: Safeway-brand, S&W, and Progresso. A can'll run you about a buck. They're right in the same section as the baked beans. Which Safeway were you at? Dried ones can be found at any Indian grocery, Whole Foods and Rainbow.

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          1. re: Concetta

            I tried the Safeway on Ocean Beach on LaPlaya. I guess we should have looked more diligently.

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              I'm convinced that the best canned chick peas are Goya -- all the others I've tried have a bit of sugar or something added that affects the flavor. Safeway has these, although you may want to look in the section with their hispanic foods.

            2. As with all beans, the best place to buy them is where they sell most often. I have always had great experiences with Rainbow Grocery half a block from14th/Folsom.

              Not only will you find good garbanzos, but they carry a bunch of the Rancho Gordo heirloom beans (super over priced, but good). Anyway, these days it seems that putting heirloom on anything (tomatoes, pork, beans etc) justifies astronomical prices, but hey, try Rancho Gordo's Ojo de Cabra bean, they're great...