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May 17, 1999 07:21 PM

Eating in Los Angeles /Money no problem

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My friend Tommy is going to the City of Angels soon. He
loves to eat and money doesn't seem to be a problem.He
either robs banks or is on the street. In any event
which are the can't miss restaurants? Thanks for your
help. crispy

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  1. As you probably know, there have been lots of postings
    on L.A. restaurants, including more than a few from me.
    If you haven't explored these, it is easy to do with
    ChowHound's search function
    ( Nonetheless,
    I'd be happy to respond but would like to know a little
    more about Tommy other than the fact that he has lots
    of dough to spend. How adventuresome is his palate?
    Is he a ChowHound, or just a guy who is looking for a
    good rack of lamb at a fancy joint?

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    1. re: Tom Armitage

      Thanks for considering the question.My friend Tommy is
      most assuredly a Chow Hound , and full of adventure.I
      think the only thing he is afraid of is marriage.

      1. re: chris

        Okay, then. If I had an unlimited budget, I would go
        to Valentino's in Santa Monica, and ask Piero
        Selvaggio, the owner, for his advice in picking some
        spectacular wines off his amazing wine list (by far the
        best cellar in L.A.), and then put myself in his hands
        to select a menu to complement the wines. The
        few occasions when I have done this have resulted in
        spectacular meals, matched by a spectacular price. In
        most cases, however, they have been among the most
        memorable meals I've had anywhere. In one case,
        however, the food, although good, was not worthy of the
        high price. But, if money is no object, and you're
        willing to take a high-priced gamble with pretty good
        odds, that would be my first choice. You can also get
        some terrific--and pricey--food at Patina, Joachim
        Splichal's flagship restaurant on Melrose Ave. Another
        stop would be Yongsusan, which features North Korean
        food from the ancient capital of the Koryo dynasty.
        This is not your typical Korean chow, and Tommy, being
        the ChowHound he is, will marvel at the elegance and
        variety of the dishes. Plus, the restaurant itself is
        elegant, decorated with Korean antiques and scrolls.
        Go for the most expensive (and most extensive) of the
        tasting menus. For a total change of pace, I'd have to
        go to the remarkable Oaxacan restaurant, Gueleguetza,
        a humble downscale place in a seedy party of town on
        8th Ave. If you want beer, bring your own. And don't
        miss the mole nego. Hopefully, he can overlook the
        cheap prices for the amazing flavors he will
        experience. Oh yeah, I guess I'd have to stop at
        Wolfgang Puck's Chinois on Main, in Santa Monica, just
        because I'm addicted to the fois gras in
        pineapple-ginger sauce there. Then, I'd make sure to
        visit one of the many terrific Chinese restaurants in
        Monterey Park. And if money is truly no object, I'd go
        for sushi at Ginza Sushico in Beverly Hills, which will
        cost about the same as a round-trip ticket from New
        York to L.A. Enough?