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ramen in Edmonton

when I was in Japan you could get fantastic bowls of Raman noodles in miso (or other) broth. Since then (8 yrs ago), i have been trying to find something similar. Does anyone know what I am talking about & where to get it? Aparently it is actually a Chinese dish?

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  1. Mmmm yummy warm comfort food ramen. Yes, I know of what you speak. I have had a few ramen bowls here in Edmonton, though most not as good as from a simple ramen shop in Japan.
    The one I most enjoyed was from Tokyo Noodle on Whyte Ave. They offered (at the time - this was a couple of years ago) nice, perfectly cooked wriggly ramen noodles in a choice of miso or soya sauce flavoured broth. I believe you had other options of meat or veg added in as well. I had the miso broth and it was very nice.

    1. Ramen is actually pronounced "La Mien", which means pulled noodles. Which is indeed chinese in origin. However, the Japanese have, as they are wont to do, taken the original idea of ramen and made it there own.

      Typically, there are four types of broth. Miso (miso), Shoyu (soy), Tonkatsu (pork), and Shio (salt). There are regional variations (Wakayama Tonkatsu Ramen and Hokkaido Tonkatsu Ramen are completely different. Even Shikoku and Wakayama, which are neighbours, have completely different ramen styles).

      In Alberta, they typically serve miso ramen. The broth, in theory, is usually the most complex part of a bowl of ramen. It has the most variation as well. The problem here is due to what i am assuming is low demand, they cannot, nor do they choose to take the 24-48 hours it takes to properly prepare a ramen broth. Instead, they squeeze some miso paste into some form of stock, throw in noodles and meat, and call it a day. They also bring in vietnamese style cha-su (BBQ pork), which is really different than what you had in Japan, where they properly prepare their own cha-su.

      Shoyu ramen here is just that - soy sauce and broth mixed together. Im not a fan.

      Anyway, my whole point is, you won't find anything like what you had in Japan here. Just some very very pale imitations of the real thing. Sadly, the closest place i've found that has a good Tonkatsu Kotteri style ramen is in Cali.

      I heard rumour that Wa's in Calgary serves Tonkatsu Ramen, but they have run out every time i've been there and remembered to ask. If i ever find out, i'll let you know.

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        oh yes, Wa's does serve tonkatsu ramen, and the cha su isn't the non-japanese sweet kind either. It is good, but the broth isn't quite rich enough for me.

      2. The 'ramen' I once had at the Tokyo Noodle place in E-town was a sorry dish that looked and tasted more like regular spaghetti than anything else and don't get me started on the soup it was swimming in. :( As for Calgary, I'd say Shikiji's "shio" (salt) ramen is more than passable and probably the best you will find in Alberta - they used to be in Banff, and I made more than a few treks down from Edmonton just to satisfy my ramen craving back in the day. :) Yen - Wa's does have the Tonkotsu ramen you refer to, but I've never had it but a friend of mine says its decent. But alas, not what the level you find in Japan...

        1. I don't have any suggestions either, but if you find something let me know! The only Japanese style ramen I've had was at Chaya in Banff.

          1. I guess this is ramen related, so hopefully people won't mind the tangent... I read this article over the year end holidays from the LA Times about a huge ramen fan down there, who also has his own ramen dedicated website. Might be of interest to some...



            1. Well I live in Edmonton and I'm always fustrated not finding a good bowl of Ramen in the entire town (why does everybody serving damn udon only), Calgary has a few places that serves it now , Wa's, Muku, Shibuya to name a few. In Edmonton however i have yet to find a half decent bowl, Joels and OPM just rolled out their "miso ramen" but that is no where close to the authentic stuff, it does have the egg noodle instead of udon though.

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                I actually quite enjoy the Joeys Ramen. That could be b/c I have not had a real bowl of it since Japan which was 12 yrs ago now...I don't remember! thank you for the suggestions in Clagary I am here often.

              2. A new place that serves O-Ramen!, the corner of 106A ave and 97st in Chinatown area, Theres a place call Bubble Tea Cafe , its a small place with only 6-7 tables, washroom in the basement with 3 locked doors in between and bubble tea is their forte, however, they serves 5 types of ramen there. my personal favorite the chicken ramen, now, this is still no where close to the authentic stuff you have in japan, the soup is fish/chicken base i think . But hey, hopefully this is a start of a ramen culture in Edmonton!!!

                Bubble Tea Cafe
                952 King Edward Ave W, Vancouver, BC V5Z2E2, CA

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                  There is a new place with pretty good and authentic Ramen noodles. Apparently the noodels are flown in fresh from Vancouver. It's called Samurai Bistro. It's around the corner from Noodle Noodle downtown, I think near to Bubble Tea cafe. The place is kind of small but they serve an authentic crab leg with each bowl of noodle.

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                    I just came back from Samurai Bistro. Not worth going again. The noodles were over cooked, none of the ingredients were fresh, disappointment all around... I was at Shikiji in Calgary the week before and that ramen was miles ahead of the ramen at Samurai Bistro.

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                      I went to Samurai Bistro again and it wasn't quite as good. I think they need work on the consistency of their quality.

                2. I read about a new restaurant called Noodle Maker in the latest issue of The Tomato (old City Palate) and stopped by tonight after work for a quick bite. They have several different types of ramen on their menu, including teriyaki chicken, braised pork tenderloin with onions, and others that escape me right now. You can choose between light miso or butter soy broth with your ramen. They also have many kinds of chinese ramen bowls as well.

                  They have a facebook page (and twitter feed) with menu specials:
                  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Edmonto.... I also found this blog which had a very favourable review: http://beyondumami.blogspot.com/2010/...

                  I had the teriyaki chicken ramen with butter soy broth. Very tasty and quite a complex flavoured broth (the broth came out perfectly seasoned once the teriyaki chicken was added into it...it comes separately on a plate). I would definitely go back to try a few other flavours :)

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                    Oh sure, now that I have moved out of the city! typical! LOL. Will have to try it when I am back home visiting, thanks Lainekerr.

                    where abouts its it?

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                        Close.. it's right under the Chinese gate. There's a few parking spots off to the side, two I believe, to be exact scattered amongst the stalls to behind the City Market building.

                        Only complaint is not enough veggies with the bowls.. you get maybe 1 small piece if you're lucky.

                  2. Nomiya on the southside has decent ramen. Located in the South Park Village area off Gateway and approx. 38th Ave next to Beijing Beijing. I'm no expert but I liked it better than Tokyo Noodle and Noodle Maker, fwiw.

                    They offer soy and miso based broth.

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                        Thought I would bump this thread. Heading to YEG tomorrow and would love some ramen. Are the above places still there? Anywhere new and noteworthy? Which is the best?

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                          Last time I went by Meguro the were doing serious reno work inside. Sign on the door said "Closed" so I'm not sure if they're renovating or have shut down.

                          Nomiya isn't as good as they once were, as I had heard that their ramen guy had left.

                          Honestly, I don't know..

                          1. re: taiphun

                            found very little information on line about Meguro and whether or not it was open, and was not willing to go to chinatown and find out it was not. Noodle Maker has definitely closed.

                            Ended up at Nomiya, which satisfied the craving. Good broth, okay noodles (seemed a little overcooked), normal accompaniments, decent size. My SO had the sushi bento box and it was pretty bad, the tempura was especially disappointing in its sogginess.

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                              Meguro is gone and their Ramen sucks.... now it is changed to a Vietnamese restaurant called Golden Orchids

                              There is a new Japanese izakaya restaurant opening soon. First kind in Edmonton/Alberta. At 3739 99 Street


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                                If you're the adventurous type and willing to make your own broth, meat, sides, etc. you can buy single serving Ramen from Gourmet Express (75 st behind the KFC, north of Roper Road). It's $1.40 per pack (or $1.10 per if you buy a box of 40).

                                They also sell wonton noodles (wide and narrow) and supply their shanghai-ese noodles to local restaurants (like Tasty Choice).