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Dec 12, 2007 12:17 PM

Blue Room hit the spot again last night

At 5:45, bar was almost completely full, but we lucked out w/our favorite 2 seats at the far end in the back, where jovial, Reggie, slices large wedges of the wonderful Tuscan-style bread for patrons & pours a dipping dish of peppered evoo. Shared savory apps of pasta of the day(penne, prosciutto, mozzarella, olives, fennel, herbs, evoo…) & the grilled squid w/maras pepper, olive caper sauce & smashed potatoes. Pasta was just the comfort food we needed on this cold, rainy night, porky proscuitto cubed like pancetta. Squid, w/grill marks, perfectly tender & potatoes imbued w/flavor from the olive caper sauce. A glass of muscadet and yecla, castaño solanera, 2004 brought the total to $45 w/T&T. When we left at 6:30 for a film preview, folks were standing in line for bar seats, & the dining room was really filling up.

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  1. I'm biased but still one of my favorite places in town. Went to the brunch this Sunday; first time since Nick took over and it was even better than I remember. For $23 might be best price/value around. Only "complaint" among the eight who went was that it was more lunch than breakfast but even he agreed they did it well.

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      I love the Blue Room. For nearly a decade it has withstood the test of time. Never have I had a bad experience there ... I used to bring clients to dinner just about every other week at one point. Too bad I've been suburban-bound for so long ... seems like a visit is in order. Thanks for kicking up the memories, Taralli!