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Dec 12, 2007 12:12 PM

Good weekday breakfast/brunch near Newbury/Faneuil Hall?

Looking go have a nice weekday brunch/breakfast tomorrow either near the low end of Newbury St (i.e. the low numbers) or Faneuil Hall. Any ideas? We like great coffee, and a great atmosphere; not a counter place/simple cafe..but the Four Seasons is probably too much, too. Anywhere in the middle?

Just did some research and came up with Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro or Paramount. The latter seems to be cafeteria style, which I don't think I want. They seem to be comprable in price (for breakfast, that is) and I think we'll go with Beacon Hill H&B and then walk to Newbury.

Any advice/suggestions?

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  1. Paramount is a classic Boston diner. Last time I was there it was table service (but it has been many years).

    The Taj is at the corner of Arlington and Newbury. It is the old Ritz Carlton.

    Walking up Newbury or Boylston Street you should be able to find something to your liking.

    1. Beacon Hill Bistro would be a great choice, and it's an easy walk to Newbury St.

      1. Ended up going to Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro -- was perfect. Great, pretty cheap (way better deal than the Taj) and very nice. Thanks!

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          I've always wanted to try BHB. Thanks for the recommendation. Anything in particular that stood out or is a "must have"?

          1. re: kate used to be 50

            Everything was just solid. My girlfriend got two poached eggs which were VERY good. I got the Spinach & Cheddar omelette which was also excellent. Coffee was extremely good (I like it nice and strong, but not bitter; we asked for steamed nonfat milk on the side and it was no prob). We also got fruit instead of potatoes--no extra charge, and it was a nice mix of berries, bananas, and pineapples. Our server was very pleasant, from Uruguay. The french bread-toast was also very good. Prices very reasonable ($25 with tip for two).

            1. re: tennisboy

              WoW! $25 for brunch in the Beacon Hill/Back Bay area! That is too cool! Gotta remember this one. Thanks