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Dec 12, 2007 12:00 PM

Jewish Bakery Calgary

I have been trying to find good Poppyseed Challah since I moved to Calgary quite some time ago. It's doesn't have to come from a kosher bakery just good poppyseed egg bread

I tried some at the new bakery in Varsity NW but it wasn't very good. Plus they put lots of their fresh bread in bags so they lose the crusty texture.

any suggestions?

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  1. i've been trying to find any challah since i moved to calgary... i think we're out of luck unfortunately.

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      I would have to agree. The one they sell at Community Foods isn't any good either, can't remember hte actual bakery name.

    2. Not sure about kosher, but I'd check Manuel Latruwe, or maybe Lakeview Bakery? I saw braided egg bread at Planet Organic the other day too but I couldn't tell you if it was good/bad.

      1. Try the Carriage House Inn, they have a very, very good Kosher bakery in the hotel and sell their goods at a bakery counter in the lobby. Although I have no idea if they carry challah, but its worth a try. 253-1101 and if they dont they could probably point you in the right direction.

        1. Perhaps you could request a poppyseed brioche from Manuel Latruwe or Ladybug. I know it's not quite the same as challah since it has both butter and milk in it, but the egg-y, rich brioche could tide you over until you find the real thing.

          1. I was in Calgary about a year and went to a very good kosher bakery called Barel's and Nosh 131, 2515 90 Avenue SW (403) 238-5300 - I did not get the challah but the other bread was very good.

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              Canyon Meadows Bakery 11625 ELBOW DR SW (at Southland) 403-281-3313 does an eggy chewy challah - I order a few loaves at a time for Friday - not sure if it is a stock item you may want to call them -
              Carriage House has their kosher bakery on Friday's only - they have a good challah - not as eggy as I like though.
              If you go to Barel's I find Thursday afternoon you can get their challah almost straight from the oven - terrific when that fresh and freezes like a dream - their pita is terrific also - has a bit of a tang to it - their roasted eggplant is wonderful -

              Rustic Sourdough on 17th has challah they call it (egg bread) stock item I believe
              Sunterra (17th) Signal Hill Location - has a nice looking challah, the traditional 5 strands of braiding - and a good thick crust - I just picked some up on Tuesday.

              - I purchase the plain or sesame not sure which places carry poppyseed, however maybe they could accommodate you - if you called ahead -

              I was told by a couple of bakeries that challah is best when there is a steam process to baking - not all bakeries can accommodate this process -
              I don't understand that - I usually take a spray bottle of water and just spray it throughout the baking -

              I agree that the one sold at Community Foods (also at Lina's) is terrible - sweet and gummy -