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Dec 12, 2007 11:52 AM

Road Trip March 2008

We are planning a road trip from Regina SK Canada to Fort Collins CO in March of 2008 and really want to eat well along the way.
We have yet to commit to a route as this decision will be based on where the good restaurants are located.
We will be travelling through North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska. (also MT, WY and CO these will be posted in the appropriate boards)

We want to avoid chain/family restaurants in favor of more local and interesting spots. We enjoy all types of food and are interested in any type of place from road side cafe to fine dining.

Thank you in advance for your input.

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  1. won't have any trouble avoiding chains or family places between Regina and Fort Collins no matter which way you go. There really aren't that many restaurants period in that part of the country.

    While I've covered quite a few of the roads in that region (both interstate and back road), I'm afraid I never came up with much in terms of noteworthy, "must stop" eateries. That said, just about every town and crossroads in that part of the country has a place with a "cafe" sign. I've spent nights in Pierre, SD, Gillette, WY and Miles City, MT in the last couple of years -- I enjoyed a nice dinner at the Chophouse in Gillette and noticed a number of blue plate diners on my way around town (I ate at one but it wasn't remarkable and I don't recall the name). Same in the other towns. If you're familiar with Yorkton, these towns remind me of small versions of that. Just know that on roads like Highway 12 east of Miles City, there LITERALLY are no towns or intersections with food, gas, or otherwise for nearly 100 miles. Beautiful country though.

    Highway 85 through ND and SD is lonely country as well if you're considering that route. Bowman, SD (SW corner of SD) had a few intriguing looking places. Williston might be a good bet as is Sturgis/Spearfish.

    In August, I zig-zagged up from Denver through Mt. Rushmore and east across South Dakota and passed quite a few intriguing places but had a van full of kids and had to get back to Minnesota in one shot.

    What I'm saying is, if you stick to back roads, you'll have plenty of small-town cafes to choose from but a good chance that none will be spectacular. If you're really determined, enter some of the towns I mentioned into your search engine and see what happens. I would love to hear about the trip. Good luck.

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        Hmmm...well, I can vouch for Original Fried Pies in Turners Falls, OK, Casey's in Chamberlain, SD and Bridge Drive In in Winnipeg (soft serve ice cream...I don't think they serve anything else). All are worth going out of your way for, but not necessarily THIS far out of the way.

        I have no idea why Braum's and Sonic would be included under the chain category. Nor El Fenix in DFW.

        1. re: MSPD

          Well, he's a historian, not a restaurant critic. I just keep that page bookmarked because there are so few resources avalilable for the high plains.

      2. The Game Lodge in Custer State Park, South Dakota, has good food and great history.