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Apr 23, 1999 07:30 PM

Good News for Los Angeles

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In his latest review for LA Weekly, Jonathan Gold told
his readers that he is moving east this week to become
New York restaurant critic for Gourmet magazine. Then
comes the GOOD NEWS: "But I expect to spend quite of
bit of time in Los Angeles still and will continue to
write this column, albeit on a biweekly basis, into the
forseeable future." Bless you, Jonathan!

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  1. l have been so distressed over Jonathan's move east, l was only able eat things covered in chocolate. . . .boy, am l happy-er.Tom, why don't you step in in the off weeks that jg is elsewhere. . .l find your style similar.Your thoughts?

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    1. re: hana kaplan

      I would be devastated at Jonathan's leaving if I were
      still in LA. One of my fondest memories of his
      columns was his account of how he aspired to eat his
      way from one end of Olympic (or was it Pico?) to the
      other, but found it a hopeless task because as he
      moved down the street the restaurants he had already
      tried behind him were closing and reopening as
      something else.

      1. re: Sarah
        jonathan gold

        Thanks. That's so nice.

        Eating my way from one end of Pico to the other
        is certainly one of my fondest memories.
        I never did make it as far west as Century City,
        but I learned an awful lot about Los Angeles--
        not to mention the cooking of Central America.

        I (though not my parents) consider that year
        the moral equivalent of grad school.