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Morton's or Capital Grille...best steak?

Which restaurant has the best steak in Boston.. Morton's, Capital Grille, Abe and Louie's, KO Prime, Grill 23 and Moo ? Is there any other restaurant/steak house in Boston that you would recommend? I haven't been to either place.

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  1. I haven't been to Morton's and am not a fan of Capital Grill. If you want a true steakhouse, I usually like Grill 23. If you want a tasty steak at a regular restaurant, that's a whole other story. The steak frites at Gaslight is pretty good as is the version at Petit Robert Bistro.

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        As long as you're asking the question, add Abe and Louie's, KO Prime and Moo to your list.

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              I know Capital Grill is a chain and some people may not like it just for that fact, but the kona encrusted sirloin is one of the tastiest steaks I have ever had. I have gone there specifically for that steak a few times.

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                I agree with the kona sirloin recommendation (with shallot butter). Have since used a coffee inspired rub in my home steaks with great results.

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                  The kona crusted sirloin is outstanding, the best steak at Capital Grille IMO. However I find the shallot butter to be a bit too much. I ask for it on the side.

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            Caveat: Dinner in the wine room for a group of 15 or so.

            My take on the Oak Room - Steaks were fair at best. Steak tartare was classic presentation, flavor, and a huge portion. Salad uninspired. Steak slightly overcooked, rather flavorless. Service was attentive without being intrusive.

            Wouldn't bother going back.

          2. went last month to Mortons and they are now not even on my list of Boston Steak Houses.
            i'd send you to Abe&Louies.

            1. To answer objectively, Morton's, Abe's and Mooo.... and the Oak Room serve higher graded beef than KO or Capital. Most people - and that includes chowhounds - don't really care and can't tell the difference; so if you are in this majority, go by your preferred ambience. Given to choose between the choices offerred, I'd say the best steak is the Four Story Hill Farm NY strip from Mooo.... The rest of the steaks at the aforementioned restaurants are pretty much the same, save for a slight difference in marbling. My rule is to inquire by brand name or ranch (which your server won't know). If you get an answer like "midwestern angus," or "aged, corn-fed western beef," you're steak is the same as those at Stop 'n' Shop.

              1. Abe & Louis, Cowboy Rib Eye @ Ruth's Chris, Grill 23 and Oak Room. Capital Grille is below that but above Fleming's. Haven't been to Morton's, KO Prime or Moo, but the prices on the latter 2 are outta sight, even for steakhouses.

                1. tough one to swallow.
                  KO Prime or Moo if you want intovation.
                  Morton's if you with your dad.
                  Ruth Chris if you are with your office.
                  Abe and Louie's or Grill 23 if you want a scene, better yet, get compliments from drunk people at the bar.
                  I chose Capital Grille. Best all around.

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                    Not sure what intovation is but I like the anology with all of the steakhouses:

                    KO or Moo if you are on a corporate account
                    A and L if you are on the prowl (or want to be prowled)
                    Bar at Capital if you want the best service in town

                  2. Call me crazy but love The Palm. Really genuinely friendly New York steakhouse style service, and the steaks are easily as good as (or better than) those at the other chains.

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                      I'll agree with you on that, tamerlanenj -- of the steak chains, the best experiences I've had at any of them were at Capital Grille and The Palm. I'm in no rush to go back to the others, with Morton's (Back Bay) and Plaza III firmly at the bottom of the barrel.

                    2. I prefer the Capital Grille steak, but I miss their cottage fries/onion strings side dish which isn't on the menu anymore.

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                        I'll go for the Capital Grille, Morton's basement level is too dungeony for me. Also, I like that CG dry ages their beef, big taste difference.

                      2. Here's Jfood's impression of those on the list he has visited:

                        1 - Mortons - The Back Bay Location. Jfood could not even eat the steak. When the MOD came over and jfood told him the steak was horrible, he thanked jfood and walked away. It's a DNR
                        2 - Captal Grille - Jfood has eaten there 5 times, and 4 were great. One time the chef must have received a phone call because the steak was well-done. MOD came over and said "Wow" and he took it back to the kitchen. Came out and asked if jfood wanted to wait for another, wanted something else or return another time. Well ahndled by MOD. Jfood's favorite of the bunch
                        3 - A&L - Jfood ordered his normal PH Med-rae. Came raw throu med-well depending on where on the steak. MOD looked at it and told jfood they could not cook a PH Med-Rare all the way through. Hello, this is a steak house. Jfood orderded a sirloin, and it was OK> Onion soup is large and they place half havarti on top. Jfood wants his gruyere. Not a DNR but not top-tiered

                        Have not been to the others, but if there was a choice of these three, jfood would recomend CG.

                        1. I've best liked steak in Boston at Grill 23 and The Oak Room. Of the chains, Capital Grille (Back Bay) followed by The Palm were the ones I liked best (next level down, though). From there, I'd go but only if forced (in descending order) to Abe and Louie's, Smith & Wollensky (both of which do have good bread baskets), Fleming's, Plaza III, and Morton's (Back Bay).

                          Have not been to KO Prime, Moo, Morton's Seaport, or Ruth's Chris.

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                            One of my favs at the Oak Room is Chateau for 2. YUM!

                          2. 1. Abe & Louis
                            2. Moo
                            Capital Grille is too loud and so is Grille 23 - you can' t hear a word the person next to you is saying in either of these places. Morton's is just ok but the basement atmosphere is lacking, Fleming's used to be better but has gone downhill lately, KO prime IMHO was terrible and I got the fattiest, most tendon-y NY strip steak I've ever had at Ruth Chris. Smith & Wollensky's is just average also...they've brought me the wrong steak on several occasions.

                            1. I've been to them all and Grille 23 has the best steak.