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Dec 12, 2007 11:41 AM

South Bay - Japanese bbq / Yakiniku - Which of these 3 would you go to?

Have decided to go to japanese bbq this weekend for a birthday dinner (7 diners total) ...

I am not having much luck on chowhound searching these three places but found them on yelp and they seem to be the top 3 contenders in the area ...

Anyone been or have a favorite?

- Sansui Tei

- Tamaen Japanese BBQ

- Sei-Ko-En Restaurant

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    1. re: tritip

      I live in Hermosa but regularly drive all over for food! Those three are in Torrance ...

      Looks like Tamaen does not take reservations so Sansui Tei may be the best bet. Not so keen on waiting in the cold!

    2. still have to try the other two, but tama-en, for my money, is excellent. it is an inexpensive alternative to "the restaurant which shall not be named", and even has imported wagyu beef from gunma prefecture for certain items.