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Apr 23, 1999 02:10 PM

Peruvian in Los Angeles

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I have had some of the most amazingly delicious meals
at Mario's Peruvian Seafood in the Radio Shack strip
mall on Vine and Melrose in Hollywood. Saltado de
mariscos (#26) sounds unappetizing to most until they
experience it. Many of my friends have become big MP
fans, even those who were initially reluctant to dig
into a large platter of shellfish with french fries and
onions all sauteed in a magical sauce served over
fluffy white rice. (Plus MP worked its way up to a
sanitation A grade, although my father swears it was
better during the B and C days.) Take note that not all
offerings are as good as #26 or the siete mares soup.
Where else can I find such dishes as well as other
Peruvian delights in the LA area? And why does that
Inca cola taste like bubble gum?

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  1. I agree with you, Jessica. Mario's is a dandy place
    to eat Peruvian food. My particular favorite, though,
    is El Pollo Inka. Actually there are many El Pollo
    Inkas (seven I believe) scattered around the Los
    Angeles area. The one I usually frequent is at 23705
    Hawthorne Blvd., between Lomita Blvd. and Pacific Coast
    Highway, because they also provide live Peruvian folk
    music on Friday night (alas, it used to be Thursday
    through Sunday nights). Other Pollo Incas may also
    have live music but, since the schedule of live music
    at any particular restaurant can be a little
    iffy, it's wise to check beforehand. Among my
    favorites at El Pollo Inka are the ceviche mixto
    (clams, shrimp, squid, and octopus served with yams and
    corn on the cob); ocopa (potatoes with a walnut/shrimp
    sauce); anticuchos (grilled marinated beef hearts);
    papa a la huancaina con bisteck (steak and potatoes
    with cheese sauce), pariheula (sort of a Peruvian
    bouillabaise) and the aji de gallina (shredded chicken
    in walnut gravy). Other Peruvian restaurants include
    Don Felix (on Virgil just south of Sunset Blvd.) and El
    Rocoto (on Artesia Blvd. in Gardena).

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    1. re: Tom Armitage
      jonathan gold

      El Pollo Inka is indeed the best Peruvian restaurant
      in town these days (I tend to go to the one in
      Lawndale, although even the branch on Wilshire
      in Brentwood isn't bad). But the actual
      flame-roasted chicken is even better at Pollos
      a la Brasa, a tiny stand on a traffic island
      on Western at 8th St.

      El Salto de la something--the Friar's Leap--on
      Firestone in Downey is great, though far. And
      you can't discount the Peruvian-Japanese dishes
      at Matsuhisa--especially the tiradito--whose
      globetrotting proprietor is undoubtedly the most
      famous chef ever to blow out of Lima

    2. I have eaten at Mario's for years and get the same
      thing everytime and have never been disappointed.
      (Actually the fact that it closes so early during the
      week is a bit disappointing). It is the perfect place
      to eat after visiting the LA County free concerts on
      Friday nights. I like the cold muscles to begin with.
      They are poached ( I think) and covered in onions and
      tomato salsa. You have to like raw onions. And how
      about that green salsa and the bread on the table?
      They should bottle that fabulpous stuff!!! I am
      looking for good Japanese in little Tokyo.