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Dumpling House (Eldridge Street) Gone or Expanding ????

Stopped there today to grab some dumplings at lunchtime and it was closed. The inside was gutted and it looks like the space is being enlarged (renovation includes the store front next door). Is it curtains for the DH or is it expanding into larger quarters?

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    1. re: Bob Martinez

      Thanks for that quick update. Glad to see they will be back....

    2. Anyone know if Vanessa's Dumplings are comparable?

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      1. re: Chandavkl

        pretty tasty but a much thicker skin. the thing to get is the sesame pancake sandwich with roast pork.

      2. There is Prosperity Dumplings at 46 Eldridge which is open. I notice that Jin Feng (Gold Wind) at 6 Eldridge Street is closed up. Was that your Eldridge Street spot?

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        1. re: scoopG

          The sesame pancake with beef at Prosperity is fabulous.

        2. I went by dumpling house today and the whole block looked renovated and no sign of our beloved dumpling house. Anyone have more info?

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          1. re: kerteman

            hi kerteman, there are two simultaneous posts re dumpling house. here's the link for the other one that states it will reopen soon and suggests that vanessa's dumplings as viable alternative. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/476332

          2. Thanks all. I went to Vanessa today after reading all the posts. I live very close by and had no idea it was there. The cashier said it is the same owner and old location will reopen this week.
            Hot and sour soup was excellent ,sesame pancake was more like a hamburger bun ,not nearly as good as old style. I think they are still getting in the groove with service, customers were annoyed by the wait. Did not try the dumplings today.

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            1. re: kerteman

              it's been open for a while - at least a year, anyway. the service has always been pretty disorganized. it's a good idea to call ahead, as during busier times the wait to receive your order gets really long. i was stuck there for half an hour on one memorable occasion.

            2. Re-opened yesterday. Larger seating area and new paper menu. Quite a crowd when I was there and they did not have Sheng Jian Bao (Pork Fried Bun - nonyeast-bread-pan fried-bun) or Dan Bing (Egg Round Flat Cake.) With a lot of people waiting for their food I decided to to walk down Eldridge to Prosperity Dumpling instead.

              1. I was so shocked , thought i walked into a restaurant. There was tables and the place actually looked very good.I ordered the pork and chive dumpling ,notice the price went up it's now 4 for $1.They also have a paper menu and saw many new items are included with a slight price increase..After a bite on the dumpling the only change i can see is there is a bit less filling.It was still tasty and still a bargain even with a increase.

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                1. re: ramen girl

                  I was bracing myself for a price increase, but that's not too bad.

                2. Went today. Specifically, there are ~7 two-tops and one round table that seats ~6-7. If you get your food hot, it's still fabulous, but the service is seriously disorganized currently. (Serving order numbers in the nineties (with same dishes ordered) before completing orders in the seventies.) As a result, it's easy to have some food piping hot and scrumptious and other food tepid and far less appealing. You can try keeping an eagle eye on your own order until they straighten out the glitches (if ever). Nice to have the extra space, which already seems filled by extra customers.