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Dec 12, 2007 11:14 AM

Gene & Georgetti Wine List

So, I finally made it in to G&G. I love the old-school feel. The steaks were great, and to my relief after hearing tales of the unknown being ignored, the service was very good.

Unfortunately, I'll never go back. The wine list is beyond bad. It's a frickin' parody. I'm not saying that you need to have a 400 bottle wine list, but would it be too much to ask to have even one single bottle that couldn't be found in a suburban Dominick's--or 7-11 for that matter. It's not 1979 anymore, and while old school is great when it comes to atmosphere, it's not acceptable for food, wine or liquor selections.

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  1. This doesn't really need a reply, in that if you check the website, Mr. Harmon's observation is undeniable. But I hate to see a valid post unanswered. Actually, I was amazed that a steakhouse of the reputation (however disputed) of G&G would have such a mediocre wine list.

    1. The wine list isn't great, by any means, but IMHO it doesn't look awful. There is a decent selection of mid-priced California cabs and some high-end stuff on the Reserve List. There also are some decent Italian reds. I haven't been wine shopping at 7-11 lately, but I'd be surprised if its selection is comparable.

      While I appreciate your candor, based on my experience several years ago at G&G (which I don't particularly like) the lack of depth in their wine list would be the least of my concerns.

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        From what I see, it's certainly no worse than what one would find at Morton's, Gibson's or many other popular steakhouses. It covers most of the bases and while it isn't "inspired" it is serviceable. If the link is current, I would say that their mark up is considerably lower that the aforementioned establishments.

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          Having to endure a recent business dinner at Wildfire, this is an upgrade. At there's a few that are drinkable. Wildfire's is atrocious.

        2. I totally agree.
          Not only is the wine list horrible, most of the vintages are also wrong, and we had plenty of attitude thrown at us when we kept refusing wines because of it.
          Don't they have a printer? Just update the stinking thing!

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          1. re: malone

            I have to agree with you. It is not the place for a major wine pairing experience. But I have been going there since the mid-70's and love it. I'll take a good vodka gimlet over a glass of wine any day.

          2. At G&G one drinks scotch or bourbon or maybe vodka. Wine is a bit fru-fru for the place.