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Dec 12, 2007 11:09 AM


Dear Hounders-

I have 3 questions:

1. Please give me your best recs. on kosher places in Miami (South Beach all the way up to Aventura).

2. Also, has anyone heard of a Kosher Mexican place in Miami? Any info on that would also be appreciated.

3. Besides Days Inn, China Kikar Tel Aviv, and Tower 41 are there any other places near 41st street to eat pre-pay shabbos meals?


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  1. 1. Bissalah cafe (Israeli dairy and parve) in Sunny Isles is pretty good

    2. there was a kosher Mexican place Rio Bravo or some name like that in Sunny Isles but it went trief a few years back

    1. There was a kosher Mexican palce in the Aventura mall about 3 years ago. It wass attached to a treyf restaurant, but w/separate kitchens, dishes, etc. Ate there once & it closed up pretty quickly.

      1. My Miami picks- Cinne Citta or whatever it is spelled in Sunny Isles. Dairy Italian.
        China Bistro in Aventura for sushi is decent, but Bon Ami in Hollywood is the best.

        The mexican you can find at Prime 18 in Aventura- when prime grill sold the new owners did a combo restaurant. Not so much, but if you're craving - enjoy.

        PS we really enjoyed prepay at Tower 41 despite feeling out of place.

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        1. re: Levial

          Cine Citta is in Surfside, not Sunnyside.

          1. re: tomby

            Cine Citta vs. My Favorite Cafe - any thoughts?

            1. re: Kosher Critic

              never been to My Favorite Cafe but we love Cine Citte. Parking is on the street though. Be careful of the meters.

          2. re: Levial

            How is Prime 18 since the ownership change? Do they a website with a menu?

          3. Great natural food leaning restaurant on 10th St and 1st avenue, in Miami Beach, called Gourmet Carrot. Delicious food. Not just the standard boring tofu fare. All types of interesting salads, tasty fish dishes, soups, shakes. Also a few meat items, like stir fry chicken, and burgers. Small place, with indoor seating and sidewalk tables. Good neighborhood restaurant. Not expensive. Not the type of place that would typically be under hashgocho in a primarily non-frum area, but it is. (I don't recall who gives the hashgocho, but the religious Miami Beach community eats there). And plenty for kids to enjoy too.

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            1. re: bfarkas

              Where is 1st avenue on Miami Beach? All the avenues on Miami Beach have names, iirc.

              Also, not sure I'd call that a non-frum area (if you mean 10th street and any of the avenues west of Collins) as there are the Chabad yeshivot and the Talmud University or whatever it's called within a mile, plus the Chabad of South Beach and a couple of small shuls that may or may not still be functioning south of Lincoln Rd. Yes, it's not North Beach but it's not exactly Hialeah either.

              1. re: DeisCane

                Sorry. It's 959 West Ave, MB (the most westerly N/S street on MB. West of Alton Rd, corner of 10th Avenue). They used to be on 1st St in Miami.

                You're right about the area. I guess there are a few Jews around.

                Anyway, it's worth a visit if you're in Miami.

            2. What does anyone know about Sarah's Tent Restaurant in Aventura?We're going down to Miami for Yeshiva Week. I'm looking for something new and interesting and good. I miss LeMarais,Carol's Place, and Coiffiochi and am looking for something along those lines, or for that matter any good restaurants that either won't be packed or can handle the crowds. We enjoyed China Bistro,Cine Citte Cafe,Tea for Two and Grill Time. Also, is there any other pizza store in the Miami Beach area besides Shemtov's?,preferably one that delivers to the hotels on Collins. Last year , we used one on Alton Rd . I can't find its phone number.Thanks.

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              1. re: momrn

                Sarah's Tent is also in Hollywood, FL. Been there and was happy. Budget Dairy and parve place.

                1. re: Kosher Travel

                  Have you been to the meat Sarah's Tent restaurant in Aventura?How are the prices,menu,food etc.?Can anyone recommend any good places,please? Thanks. I know the area , and have been on shamash etc,so I basically know what is there. I am looking for recommendations. thank you.