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Mar 28, 1999 08:24 AM

LA Report -- Super Tortas

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One day, I walked from the Bonaventure down Wilshire
to MacArthur Park. My destination was the highly
touted sandwich place called Super Tortas, located on
Alvarado about five blocks north of the park.

The sandwiches are served on nice fresh rolls; I had
the machaca--shredded beef in a western omelet--which
was quite tasty and less than $5. I hopped the subway
back to downtown after a stroll around the lake--a
pleasant excursion away from my meeting.

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  1. Super Tortas is great, especially the Alvarado location.

    Everything fits, including the eighties'-style purple interior. I can't see anybody going wrong with the tortas, just don't order any other type of food, as the rest is just the standard Mexican grub fare.

    1. Ya Ya's Burgers at 3202 E. Gage Ave. down a little south of Vernon is, so far as I am concerned, torta nirvana. They have an astounding variety of them, all fresh and fantastic. It makes Super Tortas seem nearly pathetic.

      1. I'd never heard of Super Tortas before yesterday, when I spotted one in a strip mall between Vine and Cahuenga as I was driving down Fountain.

        The décor was clean, cheap, purple, and freshly trimmed with Christmas decorations from the 99 cent store. A man I presumed to be the new proprietor of the presumably brand new branch helped me in that eager to please kind of way. Paper napkins and straws were neatly laid out at every table, and the health inspector’s “A” rating was proudly displayed. I was the only customer there.

        There were 6 tortas on the menu ranging from the more traditional pork and “rib eye” tortas to tuna and ham tortas. I grabbed one of the newspapers available for customers to read and ordered the pork torta a la carte for $6.21 including tax. This is three times what you might pay at a taco cart – but this was a Super Torta! And it was three times the size of the usual sandwich. Was it three times as delicious?

        Well, no. But it was good enough to satisfy, and it filled me up. If I’m hungry in the immediate neighborhood again, I’m likely as not to stop in again.