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Dec 12, 2007 11:02 AM

Cheese shop in San Diego

Can anyone recommend me a good cheese shop in San Diego area?
I live in UTC area so something close to that area will be better.

I know there's one in La Jolla Shores area but they close pretty early I think.


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  1. Bristol Farms carries a good number of cheeses, although I can't say anything regarding the quality but it looks good (I'm not exactly a cheese connoisseur).

    Are you referring to "The Cheese Shop" in LJ shores? If so, the name might be a little misleading. It's actually more like a sandwich shop/deli. They don't really focus on the cheese so if you're looking for a place whose speciality is cheese you may be disappointed.

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      UTC area leaves you with Bristol Farms or Whole Foods - unless someone knows of some new cheese shop.

      Personally, I think the Whole Foods cheese selection is excellent, much better than Bristol Farms.

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        Whole Foods has my favorite cheese selection, better than Bristol Farms and TJ's. I got some pretty awesome Stilton there a week ago and are currently gnawing our way through some Gruyere. They also have a feta cheese bar.

        Do TJ's if you're going to "cook" w/ the cheese b/c their quality and prices are pretty decent. Whole Foods if you're doing a cheese plate.

        Aniata (now known as Venissismo) has the best burrata that I'm aware of in town. Go when there's no traffic...

    2. mliew is correct. may be what you were hearing about.
      There is one location in La Jolla and one downtown.

      Buying cheeses- Trader Joe's has best prices, Bristol has a better selection, Whole foods has a selection also.

      1. I *always* go to Taste Artisan Cheese in Hillcrest. The proprietors are knowledgeable and helpful. Sometimes I think I try more in samples than I take home

        1243 University Ave, San Diego, CA

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          I like Taste too, I've been in several times and they've always had interesting cheeses and were really able to explain what they were and what to do with them. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the two big fish in the cheese pond -

          Aniata at the Flower Hill Mall in Del Mar and Venissimo - - in Mission Hills, Washington between Falcon and Goldfinch. Venissimo bought out Aniata in, what, August or September, but both shops are open. Del Mar isn't that far from UTC.

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            I second Taste Cheese for excellent artisan cheese. The Cheese Shop (locations in La Jolla and Downtown) has an unimpressive selection but still better then average though my hands down favorite local cheese shop is Venissimo Cheese.

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              Agree, their website looks awesome. I think I may go with Venissimo, but if there's something closer to North County Inland, that would be great as well.

          2. Not in UTC, but there's Venissimo (sp?) in Hillcrest (might be more Mission Hills) on Washington and Falcon. It's next door to the Starbucks and has a pretty extensive selection.

            In UTC, B.Farms, Whole Foods, and TJ's are pretty much your best bets.

            1. Aniata in the Flower Hill Mall in Del Mar was excellent; Venissimo bought the shop and I haven't visited since, but their website looks really promising. It's right off the 5, not a long drive from UTC if you can go during light traffic.