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Dec 12, 2007 10:52 AM

Union Square Area Dinner

Will be in the area tonight and looking for a medium range restaurant, no Union Square there anything new worth trying, any old standbys I've forgotten about? Not married to one type of food, anything good anf friendly will do. Thanks!

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    1. Bocca, on 19th St., b/t PAS & B'way, opened in May or June, so I guess it qualifies as relatively new. It's the sister restaurant to the E. Village's Cacio e Pepe, but Bocca's look is totally different, i.e., large space with modern decor. We enjoyed the one differ we had there. Very tasty food and friendly service.

      Kellari's Parea opened a few weeks ago in the space where the Greek restaurant known simply as Parea used to be (20thSt., b/t PAS & B'way). Though we did go to Parea and liked the food, we have not been to Kellari's, and I've not heard anything about it though there have been some good reports about the food at Kellari Taverna, their original midtown location.

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        Cool, very helpful, Bocca looks great, I'll try it. Thansk for the heads up...