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Dec 12, 2007 10:39 AM

Disapointing experience...M sur MASSON

M sur Masson...

ever happend to any of you ?? here's how it goes:

Tuesday night, 9pm. A friend and I wanted to go for wine and a little something to eat. We both heared of the M sur Masson restaurant and decided to go 'try' a little something there.
When we arrived, the place was 3/4 full. Easy, there is about 15 tables for a maximum of 30 to 40 persons that fix into this tiny restaurant.
We sat down, looked at the menu and ordered 2 glasses of wine (9$ each) and an entry plate each (about 15$ each) for a total of about 50$ including the tip.
After ordering to the waitress, the FRENCH 'maitre d'hote' come to us and just said: '2 entrées, c'est pas assez!'

I cannot believe this, it is the first time I get kicked out of a restaurant because I am not eating enough! I could understand if there was a line-up of if it was 6-7 pm but at this time and with plenty of place in this restaurant, I cannot believe it.

So my comment for this restaurant is as bad as the service was; I'm sorry to say but 'votre service, c'est pas assez!'

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  1. Wow, I am quite shocked that you were treated this way.

    1. I've never heard of that happening in Montreal... I've crossed that place off my list.

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      1. re: Keramel

        I'm surprised too, considering the wonderful service I've had there - I wouldn't hurry to cross the place off of your list. I know it's very small, and I doubt they make a fortune running the place - and they are busy regardless of what night of the week it is.
        However, if the OP's bill's total was around $50 including tip, factoring backwards with taxes, and the wine was $9 a glass, then there's no way the entrees would have cost anywhere near $15 each, or someone's math is off. Keeping in mind this is a restaurant, not a wine bar, and perhaps they expected more diners arriving later. Still no excuse, but did they actually ask you to leave, or insist you order more?

      2. I am sure they have a reason for what happened, though it does sound irritating even to me. My experience at M sur Masson was mind boggingly good. Reservations are a must when you go there. Maybe it is not the place for a quick bite, I am not sure.

        But I think for anyone to mark M sur Masson off their list is like cutting off one's toes.

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        1. re: Richelle

          I just feel that there are plenty of restaurants in Montreal who do behave professionally and respectfully regardless of the size of the customer's bill. Unless there is a posted policy regarding the minimum bill allowed, I think people should be allowed to order what they want. In addition, if I went there on my budget, I now feel that I would be considered an inferior customer if I just ordered one of their more inexpensive choices of wine and stuck to ordering a main dish. I wonder if the people who had good service were only treated that way because they had big bills?

          Finally, I think it is just bad business to alienate a customer in order to get a few more dollars from them. It may pay off that night, but not in the long-term.

          1. re: Keramel

            Actually, when I was last there I did just that - there were two of us, we each had a relatively inexpensive glass of wine, no apps, main course only, and I think we shared one dessert (I don't remember) - and we were treated just fine. Of course, the mains are not inexpensive (although they are reasonably priced, considering the generous size of the servings) so our bill was around $100 with tax and tip. So I don't really think it's what you are spending there that's the issue - I didn't feel we were treated any differently from any of the other patrons, and we had a delightful meal. I wish the OP would jump back in and comment, because I'm curious as to whether there was more to it than that...

            1. re: cherylmtl

              I agree, I would like to hear more. Just noticed one weird thing, which was this sentence:

              After ordering to the waitress, the FRENCH 'maitre d'hote' come to us and just said: '2 entrées, c'est pas assez!'

              Why does it matter that he was french?

              1. re: Keramel

                I believe that, in that sentence, French is used as a synonym for rude.

        2. Restaurants operate on extremely thin margins and it is difficult to turn a profit in this city. I once stopped for a late night cappaccino with BF at the corner of crescent and demaisonnneuve. It was 11:45 on a Sunday nite, the place was desserted. We were told there was a 20$ minimum. We paid the 20$ without ordering anything else but the two caps. We never returned. As my Granma used to say, Why is common sense so UNCOMMON!!!!

          1. The original comment has been removed