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Mar 28, 1999 08:11 AM

LA Report -- 410 Boyd

  • j

410 Boyd is an comfortable, neighborhood type place
without a neighborhood to speak of. Plunked down in
the shadow of Little Tokyo and on the edge the Toy
District, 410 Boyd (the address and the name of the
restaurant) is large room with a bar and booths lining
the wall.

They do a big lunch business (the waiter recommended
reservations) but dinner was quite empty. Food was
quite nice...bean soup and tomato bisque, well-
prepared sauteed scallops and a pleasant pasta dish
with chicken and tomatoes, and a very good creme
brulee for dessert. The menu also has appealing
sandwiches and salads. Not a gourmet meal, but a
satisfying comfortable dinner at a reasonable price...

Easily reachable from downtown LA, there is street
parking and a lot next door.

A very nice discovery....

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