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Dec 12, 2007 10:22 AM

help, my mother's coming...

...and she wants Italian food.

I'm a cook, and I want something that's going to be good food, good desserts. Fun for me and for her. And on the night we can go (ie, my one night off during her visit) Perbacco only has super early reservations. So...go early, because it's worth it? Any other good recs? I've recently been to SPQR and I took her to A16 and Delfina on a prior visit. I was thinking of Il Cantuccio in the Mission but could switch to another choice...


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  1. What about Incanto or La Ciccia?

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    1. re: JasmineG

      it's funny, i just took my own Italian mother to La Ciccia, and she was pretty unimpressed by the food. service was lovely, and some of the food was great (broild fish was outstanding and pasta with salmon roe was great - but pasta with wild boar was average, and all portions were small). just a heads up. Also, don't know what your mom likes, but my mom was really turned off by her perception of Incanto as "high falutin" for her tastes (though she loved Delfina). I think Il Cantuccio is a good choice - as is Bacco on Diamond in Noe - a nice spot, often overlooked on this board, but with solid food (fyi - my mom liked Bacco on previous visits...)

      1. re: JasmineG

        my mother would be too weirded out by the offal-ness of incanto...i'll check out la ciccia tho.

        1. re: linz

          There's a lot at Incanto not offal-ful; I went there with my mom, and she loved the hankerchief pasta with pork ragu, her fish, the desserts, and all of the salads.