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Dec 12, 2007 10:10 AM

A January Sunday Night dinner in Paris

I was so looking forward to having a sunday dinner at mon-vieil-ami but am saddedned to learn that they will be on holiday during the time that we are there. This trip to Paris is just a 2 night break before heading home after being in Prague / Vienna / Budapest. We are returning to Le Cinq after a wonderful dinner there last year. Looking for a smaller localplace along the lines of Mon Vieil Ami. Thanks very much for any insights!

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  1. You might try Ardoise in the 1e. I think the food is just as good but the decor is rather plain and not warm and cozy like Mon Vieil Ami. Or one of Christian Constant places in the 7e, Les Cocottes or the seafood, Fables de la Fontaine.