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Dec 12, 2007 10:04 AM

Smoked Haddock?

Anyone know where I can buy smoked haddock? I'd prefer a store in the area (Cambridge, Arlington, etc.), but even online if it's reliable is OK. Any ideas? Thanks, all!


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  1. I called Michael's Deli in Brookline, they don't have it but very helpfully suggested trying a Russian Deli (the one at Commonwealth and Harvard in Alston for instance).

    The Whole Foods on River Street actually has a lot of smoked fish that's not found in the other stores, they could smoke fish in the store and so you might try suggesting smoked haddock.

    1. I have purchased smoked haddock from Captain Marden in Wellesley but they do not always have it.

      1. The Fishmonger in Cambridge used to specialize in a lot of smoked fish, but I haven't been in recently enough to know if they might have haddock (which I have also bought at the now-closed Medford Wild Oats). Worth a call since you mentioned Arlington/Cambridge.

        1. Formaggio Kitchen's store in Cambridge has the cold smoked haddock.....Nantucket Wild Smokehouse brand. I've never tried their smoked haddock, but their smoked salmon is very good.

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            "Smoked" fish usually refers to "cold smoked." It means the fish is exposed to smoke at a temperature low enough not to cook it such as smoked salmon or in this case haddock.

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              Usually is right, but fish can be hot smoked also to kill pathogenic bacteria, or in the case of haddock, Arbroath Smokie comes to mind for me.

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              You can even order it online from Formaggio. Adding link to haddock, in case anyone wants to check it out or related products.

              I've also gotten some other nice smoked fish at Pemberton Farms in Cambridge (smoked trout, mackerel).

            3. I know Turner's in Melrose sells it. Sometimes you have to ask, but they have Finnan Haddie on the menu as a regular item, so they generally have smoked haddock