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Dec 12, 2007 10:00 AM

Best Fast Food Salad

Who's got the best salad, that is not large or expensive?

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  1. Chick Fil A as a meal.

    Wendy's has a side salad. (as does CFA). Don't know what you mean by not large.

    1. I just don't like huge salads. I have tried chick fil A, not bad, I was looking for better quality lettuce. Wendys small ones are ok, too.

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      1. re: SAnativegirl

        BK has one where they give you sliced chicken in a bag so it stays hot. It's not bad and it's cheap.

      2. Wendy's Fiesta salad. My favorite salad at ANY FF place. It is entree sized - but not overpowering. Comes w/ the chili, which is mean to be on the fiesta salad. I eat it on the side.

        I do NOT like the Mc'D salads. they used to be okay, ick now. Soggy, or something. Unless you count the fruit & yog - that's okay

        Panera has a decent salad...a "Oriental" salad.

        1. O love McD's southwest salad and asian salad. For $5 you can't go wrong.

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          1. re: libgirl2

            Yep, I think the asian salad is possibly the best thing McDonald's has ever come up with.

            1. re: Emm

              Unfortunately I have always has a terrible time with McDonald's salads. Limp lettuce, mushy tomatoes, no thank you. Now while I haven't had one in a while, I always noticed a considerably marked improvement in the ingredients used in the BK salads.

            2. re: libgirl2

              Haven't tried the asian salad, but I do love their Southwest salad. If I have to eat at McDonalds, that's my #1 pick.

              1. re: sockii

                I don't think they have the Asian salad anymore. Can't for the life of me imagine why it wasn't successful.

              1. re: Gingerleen

                Boston Market has a great chopped salad.

                1. re: Gingerleen

                  Uhhh! That pita is soaked in oil- horrible!