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Restaurants in Raleigh, NC

Our son and his wife are moving to Raleigh and we would like to get them a gift certificate for Christmas to a nice restaurant. I read reviews on Fins, Nina's that said the food was good but the service and ownership were rude. What are some good restaurants in Raleigh that might compare to nice restaurants in Chicago? Bistro 607, Nana's Chop House, Bloomsbury Bistro, BakeHouse Bistro? Any seafood or Japanese places that you would recommend? Bogart's looks nice but reviews were so - so. What are your favorites?

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  1. Bloomsbury has always been very good although I have not been in a while.

    1. Frazier's on Hillsborough Street is very, very good. That's probably the best meal I've had in my 6 months as a Raleigh-ite, although I admit I don't have the opportunity to go high-end very often.

      2418 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC 27607

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      1. Enoteca Vin in Raleigh and, if you don't mind a little distance, Magnolia Grill in Durham.

        1. I had one of my best dining experiences at http://www.ancuisines.com/ in Cary (just south of Raleigh).
          Every detail of the experience was perfect!

          1. I've been very pleased with Fins on 2 visits. No rudeness to repoort from me.

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              I've only visited Fins once, but was suitably impressed. Had time to kill before attending a concert around the corner and happened upon the place by accident.
              We ate in the bar, and the service was exemplary. The 'tender knew the menu and was passionate about the food. We loved every aspect of our experience.

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                Thanks....it looks like a nice restaurant.

              2. When our son was at Duke Law we were recommended to The Magnolia Grill in Durham, and we enjoyed it very much. The food clearly has Southern origins, but creatively, and impressively, done. A place like this will make them feel that they haven't left civilization. http://www.magnoliagrill.net/

                1. I've enjoyed meals at Nina's on several occasions and never had a problem with rudeness or bad servers, so I might recommend trying that. We also enjoy Prime Only (either Leesville Road or downtown location), Mura (sushi) and JK's (steak) at North Hills, and I've heard very good things about Herons at the Umstead. I'd also echo the recommendations made for Frazier's and An.

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                    Frazier's looks wonderful...thanks!

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                      I really enjoyed a meal at Frazier's a few months back.

                  2. Frazier's is great as is their other restaurant, Porter's. If they are steak eaters, what about JK's at North Hills? That was one of the best NY Strip steaks I've ever had. The service is excellent, great wine list. It's a little pricey and definitely not for vegetarians. I'd still highly recommend it.

                    1. We love Zely & Ritz on Glenwood, south of Peace Street. The chef, Sarig Agasi, is amazing. Much of their ingredients come from a local organic farm. It is, hands down, our favorite restaurant. Some of his best touches are with seafood and lamb, but nothing disappoints. The format is "small plate," making it easy to share, if you are so inclined. Fantastic desserts, too.

                      Speaking of small plates, we also adore Tasca Brava in the North Raleigh area, near Spring Forest on Falls of the Neuse. Amazing authentic Spanish tapas, with contributions from other Spanish-speaking corners of the world. Great Spanish-influenced wine and Sherry list. Plan to spend an evening -- the pace is leisurely -- or go for the monthly "Flamenco Night" with live entertainment. We love going with a group of six or eight and sharing. Terrific!

                      1. Do not do Bakehouse Bistro or Nana's Chop House. Bakehouse Bistro is a chain and it doesn't look all that appealing. Nana's Chop House is closing or is already closed.

                        How about Angus Barn?

                        1. Hands down the best restaurant in all of Raleigh is the Angus Barn it is known all around the world for the customer service and beef (of course). We moved to Raleigh close to a year ago have been there for two special occasions now. They have won customer service awards. Your son and wife will talk about this place forever...

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                            Angus Barn is good but NOT great. There are easily 20 better restaurants in the Triangle area. Angus Barn was THE Raleigh restaurant 25 years ago before the culinary scene improved.

                            I haven't seen anyone mention Mo's Diner. Do not let the name fool you b/c this is anything *but* a diner. Great food and great service.

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                              I don't know if I'd call AB the best *food* in Raleigh, but you can't beat their customer service. It's certainly one of the better dining experiences I think you can have around here, IMHO.