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Mar 24, 1999 07:45 PM

LA Report--Ciudad

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My first meal in LA was at Ciudad, just across from my
hotel, the Bonaventure. A very attractive room, I was
anticipating a great meal, based on most of the

And the food was quite good, all in all. Lentil soup,
tuna tartare, a potato appetizer, and a fish dish were
tasty, but not memorable. The service was sort of
slapdash--they blamed some of it on staff unable to
get to work because of the marathon.

Overall, I was disappointed. Others from my group who
ate there were pleased, however.

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  1. If you read my posting on the "Downtown L.A." string
    started by Dave Feldman on Feb. 19, you know that I
    had much the same muted reaction to my meal at Ciudad.
    Shortly afterwards, I found myself eating at Border
    Grill in Santa Monica, also operated by the "Too Hot
    Tamales" (Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger) and had
    an absolutely outstanding meal. These gals can
    definitely cook good stuff. So, although it will take
    some coaxing of my wife, who was also underwhelmed, I'm
    planning on a return visit to Ciudad see if my first
    reaction holds true.

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    1. re: Tom Armitage

      Can't really comment on the food (although I've eaten at Border Grill in SM and thought the food there was excellent), but I did meet a friend who was staying downtown at Ciudad, with plans on eating there. Maybe it's just my own personal taste, but I found the atmosphere of the room so...well, not to my liking...that we left. It's located in the parking garage of the building, and they have left areas of the space exposed (structure supports, cinder blocks, etc.) The rest of the space is outfitted in that pseudo-modern glass, plastic...hard to describe, but generally trying too hard to be hip and ending up cold and sterile.

      Just my 2 cents!