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what goes with grilled ham and cheese?

i'm breaking in the new panini press and making grilled ham and cheese sandwiches (per my ex-boyfriend's request...he's coming over TONIGHT to set-up my new sound system). i've never made ham and cheese sandwiches (really, i haven't) and found a few recipes that i can tweak. however, i have no idea what to serve with them (no potato chips or tomato soup from a can, please). i'm hitting the grocery store after work and have only an hour to make dinner. help! thanks.

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  1. mac and cheese tossed salad applesauce always goes with pork baked "fried" potaoes

    I hope you enjoy your panini press as much as we do. I do meats, veggies, looking at doing pancakes over the holidays. Plain grilled cheese is just better on the press.

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      i'm excited about using the panini press...it's a good quality one, but doesn't leave grill marks. thanks for your ideas and encouragement!

    2. Salad greens with sliced apples, walnuts, red onion, and balsamic vinagrette (plain or raspberry) I love the complement of a sweet salad with a salty sandwich.

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        i think a salad like this one is right up his alley with the grilled ham & cheese. i think i'll sub pears for the apples, make candied walnuts, and get some raspberry vinagrette. thanks so much!

      2. Take some red potatoes, slice thinly so they look like circles, overlap them in a baking pan, drizzle butter or olive oil over them, season with whatever and bake at 350/375 for about 30-45 minutes, depending on how many you put in pan. If you want them a bit crispy bake longer. Take them out when they are fork tender. This is a lazy person's version of potatoes anna!

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          i haven't made anything with red potatoes in years! this sounds lovely. i'm definitely going to try it out during my 3rd annual - 48 hours of christmas (i don't go home for christmas and invite over other "holiday orphans" during an entire 48 hour period to eat and hang out together). thanks!

          1. ahhh, ham with gruyere and sharp mustard on sourdough!
            tomato/corn bisque for dipping
            tangy side salad with winter flavors such as pear and a few more gruyere shavings
            Chateu St Michelle Riesling

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              i'm going to get gruyere. good idea on the shavings!

            2. try a tomato soup, but not a sweet soup a savory soup. I'd like to see ham & cheese on a croissant, yummy

              1. Sweet pickle chips. It's a childhood thing...every time my mom would make grilled cheese sandwiches (with or without ham), she'd also put a small pile of pickle chips on my plate. Now, decades later, a GCS isn't complete without pickle chips.

                1. One of my favorite restaurants in LA serves this with carmelized onions on the sandwhich and a fried egg on the side. It's fantastic, although definitely not light!

                  1. French Fries and ketchup. Goes with every sandwich.

                    1. For a quick lunch, a dill pickle wedge

                      1. chocolate milk shake is always sympatico.

                        1. Waldorf salad --
                          or --
                          cole slaw with pears

                          1. I guess this is probably a day late and a dollar short but I do soup and sandwiches for dinner a lot.
                            You don't have to go for a crappy red and white can. Get yourself a higher end soup and serve it with your sandwiches. Tomato would be good but vegetable would work very nicely too.