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Dec 12, 2007 09:00 AM

Per Se or Eleven Madison?

If I had a choice between the two for dinner which one should I choose? I'm from San Francisco and have had French Laundry and Keller's other ventures out here in the West.

Thanks for the help.

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  1. If it is just between the two, Per Se hands down.

    If you have tried Keller already, however, you may want to try another restaurant. In my opinion, Jean Georges and Daniel are both superior to Eleven Madison. Although you will find plenty of EMP loves on this board.

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    1. re: Singar

      Per Se defintely.
      I really dont put EMP in the same class of restaurant at all.
      dont get me wrong its a very very nice place, but not on the same level as Per Se

      1. re: jvish

        +1 if you are looking to have the best meal. If you care about trying something different, you will be just fine at EMP as it is a great place. I agree that JG and Daniel are better than EMP but EMP is a bit more casual and lower maintenance and hold up pretty well to Daniel at least (I know because I recently ate at Daniel and EMP on back to back nights).

        1. re: tpigeon

          i ate at both places in the past 2 weeks and here is my take.

          From a FOOD only perspective, EMP is better. I thought their execution was crisper and didn't try to overengineer some things. Per se tried to be more inventive, but they really didn't deliver.

          Per se was saved though by the quality of its service and wine list.

          1. re: doublesuited77

            I am sticking to my guns from a food perspective that Per Se is quite a bit better. Value is a whole other discussion...

            1. re: doublesuited77

              Per Se hands down. I was disappointed by EMP's food

              1. re: doublesuited77

                There really is no comparison between these 2 places.
                Everyone is obviously entitled to their opinions.

                But its not just the service and wine list that make Per Se a better restaurant. The food at EMP is very good, put not on the same level
                as Per Se
                If someone is not someone who dines frequently in NY and their choices are Per Se and EMP. Per Se will be a much more memorable experience

          1. re: MJT

            Per Se is on a different league than either Eleven Madison or Cru.

            Food, service and overall execution are notches above at Per Se.

          2. Per Se hands down in all aspects, its at a completely different league compared to EMP and Cru.

            1. Just heard last night from a recent visitor to Per Se (second timers) that he and his wife enjoyed the food and wine but left hungry after leaving quite a bundle. They ate again later in the evening at a casual spot...The trouble with many of our current crop of 'innovative chefs' is they believe all plates are now small plates but you still have to pay big...