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Dec 12, 2007 08:57 AM

Dinner - Saturday 12.22.07

My wife and I will be dining in DC on the 22nd and we are looking for a nice restaurant. Price range would fall in the $$-$$$ range ($30 per entree and under). Some place nice (ie swanky, but without the jacket) would be preferred.

Also, we are looking to have drinks at Hudson's and then move on to another place for our meals. So if it is close, that would be great.

Dupont is a great area, but we are also open to exploring other areas. (I used to live in DC years ago so I am pretty familiar with the locals.) Thanks all!

Sorry, forgot to mention... Cuisine: French, Seafood, American, Californian are preferred. Although pretty much open to anything. We live in SF, so we're accustomed to a wide variety.

(PS - This is Amy's husband, Bart, doing the post...)

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  1. Historic areas would also be nice for consideration.

    1. Close to Hudson, but not historic is Firefly which is in your stated price range.

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        Thank you. I've heard of that place as well in other posts and seems to be swell.

      2. Hi Bart. You can have drinks at Hudson's and then walk a little ways to the other side of Dupont and get great seafood (with a New England bend...something you don't often find in SF) at Hank's Oyster Bar. They don't take reservations but if you call them 30 minutes before you plan to arrive they will reserve you a seat. So you can give them a call as you are paying your tab at Hudson's (who has fun drinks btw). It's a bit more casual (certainly not swanky) and has the feel of a nice New England fish restaurant but the food is great and I really like the service.

        Right near Hudson is the new West End, Eric Riperts new bistro. I haven't been yet but I've been hearing good things. It's a hot new place so reservations are a must but it might be worth checking out.

        If you are willing to walk or cab over to U St. I would suggest checking out Creme for American cuisine with a Southern lean. A nice neighborhood restaurant with great, well made food and certainly something you can't find in CA.

        Finally if you want to walk up to Adams Morgan I would suggest Cashion's Eat Place. Great neighborhood restaurant with a nice wine list and seasonal cuisine that takes advantage of local ingrediants...very nice.

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          I've often heard you ask and you shall receive...I belive it now. Thanks Elyssa. We'll be sure to do some more investigating on these joints, but Hank's Oyster Bar might be up our alley. Thank you for your time!

          1. re: Amy Wisniewski

            Another good idea for you is Obelisk (everyone on here knows that my fave!) It's right in Dupont at 2121 P street. You could have wine at Urbana first if you wanted; it's right down the street at the hotel Palomar. Obelisk is upscale N. tie required but very classy. Very small too so make your res now! It's in an old row house so it's definitely historic. They have a prix fixe menu every day depending on what's fresh. It's a 5 course meal, $65 per person but it's WONDERFUL. You start with an antipasti course, then pasta, then your entree, then a cheese course (best cheese i've had anywhere in the WORLD) and then dessert. The wine list is eclectic and VERY well priced. We had a brunello for $80 which is unheard of. Everything is homemade from the pasta to the desserts. There are 3-4 choices for each course which makes it nice. The entrees always include a meat and a fish and usually a chicken or something like that. The service is outstanding but low key which makes it nice. I promise you'd love it if you tried it!

        2. I can't vouch for this very much, but Urbana, at the Hotel Palomar in south Dupont, has a new chef and is doing a tasting menu through a third party. The website is The menu is on the site and they say that the five-course meal is $48, wine included.

          Again, can't vouch for it, but the menu looks nice. I may try it sometime soon. The reservation information is on the site.

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            We have eaten there once...been to the wine bar many times though! And the food was good but i think it was the former chef. BTW, the dinner you talk about above includes a wine with the ENTREE...not each course. You have to look closely at the ad but it says : (includes paired wine with entree). It still sounds like a pretty good deal but that may be how they got it down to $48!! :)