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Dec 12, 2007 08:54 AM

Cooking classes as holiday gifts

Can anyone recommend chef/restaurant-sponsored cooking class in the area? L'Academie classes are "okay" but... I'm looking for something a "foodie" would enjoy. Not sure if Tosca still offers Saturday classes, but that's an indicative of what I'm looking for. Thanks.

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  1. I have always wanted to take the knife skills class at L'Academie. I know you said you wanted something more foodie but of all classes I could take it would be my pick. I would check and see if Bebo still has its classes with Robert Donna.

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      I saw a cooking class going on two weeks ago at Bebo. I think it was a Tuesday night. I quickly read the cooking class schedule at the hostess stand and it did have saturday classes. I am sure if you called them they would fax or email a schedule to you. There were a dozen people cooking at a counter with R.D. The students had there own little burner and skillet and they were drinking wine - looked like lots of fun.

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        My husband got me this for my birthday. Donna has several classes a week - we did the Saturday night date night, which was just six people total and a lot of wine! They were incredibly hospitable, it ended up being seven courses plus prosecco, white wine and red wine with the meal. I can also attest to the fact that you're really, seriously cooking. It's not just a demonstration.

        I HIGHLY recommend it.

    2. I've had my eye on cooking classes at 2941. They look great but I don't see any on their site right now.

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        They might not be still doing them since they switched chefs and the new new chef will be coming in soon.

      2. My SO and I had a wonderful "date night" class at Sur La Table in Pentagon Row. They often have some significant chefs teach the classes... our was taught by Ris LaCoste

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          Good friends gave me a class last year. It was sponsored by Anne Arundel Community College and it was a one night class called Cooking at the Fishermans Inn. It went back room into the Kitchen @ FI on Kent Island. It was approx. 1 1/2 - 2 hours in the kitchen, and then approx 45 minutes to 1 hour of eating everything we made and drinking some good wine. The Chefs were terrifiic, and I ended up purchasing a class for my wife also and we had a great date night. If I remember correctly it cost $40.00 for the night per person. Also afterwards they gave you copies of all of the recipes we made during class so we could make them at home.

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            I've given classes as presents to my sister in Atlanta at the Viking range store. I'm pretty sure their store in Tysons Corner offers similar offerings. Check Viking's website.

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            I took a pie making class at Sur La Table and thought it was only so-so. It felt overcrowded. There were 6 (!!) people per pie. Which basically meant I didn't get a full hands on experience for each step, which I really needed.

            There were 2 people in my group who had taken a number of classes at L'Academia and said it was much better. That's where I'm planning to go when I take a class next.

            The one really nice thing about Sur La Table is the discount you get for the week to buy anything in the store. I think its like 15-20% which is nice.

          3. I believe you can reserve cooking classes at Equinox. I also believe Chef Grey has a "tour" where you go to the penn quarter market with him, pick out stuff, and learn what to cook with it.

            Not sure you could get a gift certificate for it, but it's worth a try because that sounds awesome.

            1. The Washington Post Website always has a huge list of cooking classes in the food and dining website by the way.