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Mar 18, 1999 01:25 PM

Los Angeles--Larry Parker's Diner--What Happened???

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Hey, I'm a former "Angelian" who relocated to
Nashville. I used to work at "Larry Parker's Diner"
in Beverly Hills. I understand that there is a "Chin
Chins" there now. Does anybody know what happened to
"Larry's"???? Why Did it close???? Larry and his
wife Debbie and I used to be pretty close, but now I
can't find them anywhere.


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  1. Larry Parker's was legendarily bad, even by
    the standards of Beverly Hills restaurants that
    happened to be open at 4 in the morning. And
    because it was a favorite of the gangsta rappers
    I used to profile for magazines, I ended up
    there way too often.

    It's amazing that the place survived as long
    as it did.

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    1. re: j gold

      O.K.,.... I admit, there was a "gangsta-Rap" element
      to it, but, let's not forget that I also waited on
      many well known people in there. Linda Carter,
      Arsinio Hall, Eddie Murphy, Paul Williams, Billy Bob
      Thorton, Paula Abdoul (sp)?, Whitney Houston, Marley
      Matlin, etc. All of whom loved the atmosphere, (loud
      music, servers with a 'tude), and always came back.

      I'm not saying there was no "gangsta-Rap" crap there.
      There most certainly was, especially towards the end
      of my stay. (as a matter of fact, that's why a
      finally left). Ironically, I went on to work at
      "Monty's" (kinda "out of the frying pan into the
      fire situation). I really know how to pick 'em,
      don't I?


      1. re: D.R.
        jonathan gold

        Actually, the only time I ever went to Monty's
        Westwood was for the Death Row party celebrating
        Snoop Doggy Dogg's acquittal. So, yeah...I'd say
        you DO know how to pick 'em.