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Dec 12, 2007 08:17 AM

Tavolino or Vivace in Tuscon

Both were recommended to me for Italian in Tuscon.If I had to pick one between the 2 which should it be.I cannot get to both during my stay.Thanks

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  1. I'm a Vivace fan, but both are very good. Vivace is a bit splashier, with a more beautiful room and a bit more glam. Tavolino is in a strip center and is not flashy at all. However, the food is very good at both places.

    1. Ok so I will say that I am a fan of Tavolino. So that doesn't help you much. I agree with lawyerbriefs in that Vivace is a bit splashier. But that is probably why I like Tavolino better. The food is a little more rustic. The rack of lamb is simply done with some rosemary salt and pepper. I am a big fan of rustic food. Massimo's, the chef/owner, food just seems more authentic to me. Vivace is more upscale I guess. The food is a little more dressed up, it has some rusticness to it, but it is kicked up a bit. This in not to say that it is not good. I have never had a bad meal at either place. So I guess it is more of what you like: simple or a little flashy.