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Dec 12, 2007 08:05 AM

Help! I need somewhere to eat near the Morton Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas

My husband and I will be in Dallas in March for a Willie Nelson concert and need a place to eat near the Symphony Center. The concert is at 8- so we want to have a leisurely dining experience... but we also need to be done in time to see Willie! We love all sorts of food and would like something moderate-expensive in price. That is a tall order, I know. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Stephan Pyles is within walking distance to the Meyerson and definitely one of the best bets in town. There's a tapas menu for small plates/casual eats and regular menu for larger portions.

    1. Will you be walking between the two?

      The closest (and nicest) place I can think of would be Stephen Pyles. Other great options that aren't exactly far (if you're driving) would be Lola the Restaurant, York Street, or Fearings. All of those would be in your moderate-expensive range, with most falling more into the "expensive" category. Without knowing how close you really need to be to the Meyerson, it's hard to gauge! LOTS of great fine dining options in Dallas... Oh, you might consider Nana as well.

      Have a great time!

      1. "Dallas Fish Market" Akard and Main. Walking distance. Medium prices. One of the best seafood restaurants in Dallas. Best wine prices (2x retail) in town. See Mark Stuertz's review in the Dallas Observer and this blog for more reviews.

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          There is a resturant in the loby of the Meyerson that is very good and usually has a buffet before the show. Most of the people that are regulars there are the season ticket holders. Now with this being Willie and not the DSO, I'm not sure if they will be open, but if they are, I highly recomend them.