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Dec 12, 2007 07:56 AM

Week in Hilo with chef

We will be vacationing in Hilo in January and would like recommendations for good local foods. We like to taste the local flavor while vacationing and prefer to avoid the touristy, chain restaurants. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Tricky. It isn't a huge food town.

    1. Cafe Pesto is great for lunch and dinner
    2. Ken's House of Pancakes sounds cheesy but is a local institution and is great diner food
    3. There is a place on the road that runs behind the airport (I'm sorry I can't remember the name) where they catch the fish you order from their aquafarm. I had a great piece of fish there.
    4. If you feel like driving to Volcano, there is a nice restaurant at a B&B called Kilauea Lodge.
    5. Be sure to go to the Saturday Farmer's Market - it is pretty great.

    1. Second Linus Paul on Ken's (only been for breakfast and lunch myself) and Kilauea Lodge is arguably my favorite restaurant anywhere, albeit that is as much because of the friends I have been there with as the food or ambiance - but it is a special place. Keawe Grill in Volcano is also worth a stop. Sadly nothing in the park proper is worth eating, although I have heard that the dining room at Volcano House is no longer awful. In Hilo a couple of friends have recommended "Tsunami's". Tex's drive-in has a loyal following as well.

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        Cafe 100 - home of the loco moco would be my suggestion.

      2. - Hilo Bay Cafe. A must if you're traveling with a Chef. A nice bistro focusing on local, organic foods. Excellent drinks, such as the Lilikoi Martini. Not cheap, but won't break the bank either.

        - Garden Snack Club in downtown Hilo for creative Thai dishes. Good for lunch or casual dinner. BYOB.

        - Miyo's for authentic, affordable, fresh Japanese. Also BYOB. Great view of Wailoa pond. Lots of interesting combination plates, or a la carte items.