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Dec 12, 2007 07:49 AM

Romantic dinner in Richmond

My boyfriend and I will be celebrating my bday in Richmond on our way to visit his family. We're staying at the Jefferson and looking for a place for dinner. Last year we went to a small French restaurant about 10 minutes from the hotel (I'm drawing a blank on the name) and it was nice but a little on the stuffy side. We're looking for something a little funkier and more romantic. (Some of our favorite bday dinners in NYC have been at Blue Hill and Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar to give you an idea of our taste) Open to any cuisines, looking to spend about $250 for two. We're planning on having lunch at Comfort and breakfast at the Jefferson. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. It sounds like you probably went to Chez Maz or possibly One North Belmont last year. Lemaire at The Jefferson is romantic but not funky. Not sure what you are looking for (I am unfamiliar with the two NY restaurants you are describing). Karsen's in Carytown is the first place that comes to mind but not sure if that is what you are looking for.

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      Last year was One North Belmont. Thanks -- that was driving me crazy. We're going to do breakfast at Lemaire so want to try something different. I looked at the Karsen's website but couldn't get a real sense of the place. Any reccommendations in The Fan? I hear that's a cool area...

      1. re: JennS

        I think Karsen's has something of a Georgetown/DC feel to it (for lack of a better description). Let me think on the Fan District...I can think of more places to avoid than to recommend <g>. Rowland is good, but it is small and not really funky.

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          I agree. Have found the food to be mediocre there (the fan as a whole). I here Millie's is good and funky but don't think it's romantic. We actually had a good romantic dinner at Cafe Europa. It's not the best food in Richmond. But good. And the tapas feel makes it fun to try - and if there's a miss it's a little one! Plus sharing is always romantic. The shockoe slip isn't far and is also pretty fun.

          here's my post:

          and here's their website:

          and millie's:

          karsen's really is supposed to be great. but i haven't been.

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            oh and maybe one more - i just read this today. since you're interested in the fan.

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              I like Avalon a lot, but it's really not funky or romantic. Good tapas though....

              1. re: Janet from Richmond

                good to know - just finally read a good review of a fan restaurant! :) and since they described the crowd as eclectic i thought it might be. haven't been back in the fan in a few months since bad meals at 3 monkeys, white dog, davis & main (this one was exceptionally dreadful)... i just started giving up!

                1. re: AMFM

                  I often disagree with the usually recommended places. I abhored Dogwood Grill and were happy when they closed. I don't think Cirrus at the same location is a big improvement though......LOL

    2. Enoteca Sogno on Broad St. The food is AMAZING. The wine is even better. You will not be disappointed.

      1. The Old City Bar - food, ambiance, service and comfort all first class. Lovely view of Main St Station, and offrs adjacent parking