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Dec 12, 2007 07:39 AM

LA for 4 days--Vegetarian friendly

I will be in LA from Friday, Dec. 14th through Monday the 17th and would love some dining suggestions. That's 3 dinners and 4 breakfast/lunches. I would like to try something in each of the following categories:
2)kitschy LA diner
I am also open to suggestions outside of these categories if they are must-eat-at places. Thanks!

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  1. hey Jennifer...
    I'm a veggie and my fave places to eat in L.A. are...
    Paru's Vegan Indian on Sunset
    M Cafe on Melrose and La Brea
    Polka in Eagle Rock (crazy Polish amazingness!! Best perogies ever.)
    Fred 64 on Vermont in Los Feliz (great diner)
    Cafe 101 on Franklin near Gower (also great diner)

    Enjoy your and stay!

    1. be sure to check out this earlier thread:

      i'd be sure to add homegirl cafe to the list if you are anywhere near boyle heights.

      if you are near hermosa beach, go to THE SPOT on 2nd st.

      for the kitschy LA diner i'd go to Dinah's Family restaurant and order either the chile relleno omlette or the german baked pancake or the apple baked pancake.

      most japanese restaurants don't have much in the 'vegetarian' category. most will even shave bonito on top of their tofu salad which, along with edamame is often the only vegetarian offering. also, many traditional mexican restaurants use lard in practically everything they cook.

      1. For kitschy diner I'd go to Pann's. It's an LA landmark and I used to be vegetarian and always found plenty of options there. Plus, it's a great example of LA's Googie architecture.

        For Mexican, I'd go to Gilbert's El Indio for their chile relleno burrito (called Fernando's burrito).

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          For Indian,
          Chandni Vegetarian Restaurant
          1909 Wilshire Blvd
          Santa Monica, CA 90403

          For Vegetarian,
          Real Food Daily in West Hollywood or Santa Monica

          Some of the more upscale restaurants have vegetarian tasting menus such as La Cachette in Century City and Joe's Restaurant in Venice. Also Grace Restaurant in West Hollywood has a very good vegetarian option on their entree menu as does Chaya Navy in Venice.

        2. If you can drive all the way out to Arcadia, Bean Sprouts Cafe has wonderful vegetarian Chinese dim sum-ish food (try the spectacular smoked gluten).

          I like Vegan Plate on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City - very serviceable Thai vegetarian, with a great kamut pancake for breakfast. I also love Spitz on Colorado in Eagle Rock - it can get a little chilly on the patio these days, but there are heaters, and their falafel, spicy feta and tzazki are great. Taco Spot in Eagle Rock is also a haven for vegetarians -- many of their dishes are made with tofu or Soyrizo.

          Hope this helps at this late date!

          1. For indian try India's Sweet And Spices. They have several locations Google them

            Another category not on your list that I would suggest is Persian. Try Shamshiri Grill on westwood. They have several vegetarian persian stews. If you have never had it you should try one.