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Dec 12, 2007 07:27 AM

Gourmet or Bon Appetit?

This morning I got an email from Amazon saying that because of my recent purchase in Home and Garden, I am eligible to receive a free one-year subscription to Bon Appetit or Gourmet (or Domino, but that isn't about food, so that one was easy to eliminate).

I've never really looked at either of these magazines ... I went to their sites online, but they look pretty much the same to me (and in fact, I believe they come from the same publisher).

Does anyone have any thoughts as to how they differ, and which one is "better"?

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  1. I have subscriptions to both. Personally, I prefer Bon Appetit over Gourmet. I find it to be more readable, if you will....

    I would recommend going to your local library (or neareast bookstore) and checking out the magazine rack to compare the 2. You should decide what YOU like better. Everyone's taste is different.

    1. More reliable and user friendly recipes in Bon Appetit IMO.

      1. I would go to and look through the recipes. Then you can see what you like and whether it is from Bon App├ętit, or Gourmet. Whichever one wins, you subscribe to.

        1. I subscribe to both and they are essentially the same mag. Same publisher. Where Bon Appetit has a section titled "Too Busy To Cook?" Gourmet has the same section titled "Everyday Gourmet". I do like the section in Bon Appetit where readers can write in and request them to get the recipes for their favorite restaurant dishes.

          I am not certain, but I think that Gourmet has been around a bit longer tho. Gourmet's recipes are a little more advanced (higher end ingredients, more steps, etc)... but Bon Appetit is catching up in that dept. also.

          Yeah, and any recipe found in the mag can also be found on

          1. Ditto positive comments on Bon Appetit. I've been subcribing for a million years and still enjoy it every month. I got Gourmet back in the day and recently got a good deal on a new subscription and I'm hating it! To start with the food photography makes everything look gray. It has more "travel writing" if you like that, but I don't think the recipes are as accessible.