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Dec 12, 2007 07:11 AM

Searching for nut roll + kolaches

I've tried Sophia's in Broadway Market, but as of this morning she says she doesn't know if her supplier is going to get them to her this year.

I called Ze Mean Bean and they suggested Sophias.

Any other suggestions? I'm willing to travel to get them (and I recognize I could make my own but am too lazy this year).

I'm surprised there's no Polish bakery in Baltimore, as far as I can tell.


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  1. Oslowski's butchershop (near Peter's Inn) had some holidayish deserts last I was there (years ago). I didn't see kolache (or I'd have bought them) but you might want to call. There's a Slovak bakery in Falls Church (the name escapes me, but it's on Rt. 7 across from Giant). I'd check there, if it's not too far of a drive.

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      Can you be more specific about the location of this Slovak bakery? I drove all along route 7 today and didn't find it. Thanks.

      1. re: bachinskin

        Hmmm. Heidelberg would likely have what you are looking for.

        1. re: bachinskin

          After some Googling I found it! It's Baguette Republic.

          But after reading the article on their website I realize that it's predecessor (The Bread House) were the Eastern European owners.

          Though it might be worth a call (703-237-3717). It sounds like it's a "European" style bakery. Whatever that means.

          1109 West Broad Street