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Dec 12, 2007 07:08 AM


Wow! I had heard/read somewhere about Breadsmith. So I visited there this morning. I was very impressed. I had a scone for breakfast. Very tasty, made form scratch, not dry. The main reaosn I went was that I had heard that they made fresh panatone (Italian Christmas bread). The owner informed me that they did and offered me a sample. I was very impressed at how fresh and moist it was. Most of the time, the panatone that I buy (imported from Italy) is good but dry. This one was not. They also had a huge selection of breads. It was hard for me to leave without buying more bread......

Here is their info:

2831 N. Power Road
(480) 981-7600
Located in "The Village @ Las Sendas Shopping Center" at Power and McDowell, alongside CVS Pharmacy

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  1. I had also heard good things about Breadsmith. Then, I saw it was a chain in E. Mesa, and I lost my enthusiasm. (Nothing against E. Mesa, just too far for me to drive for bread)