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Kitchen Appliances Made in USA?

Are there any? I'm looking for a toaster oven right now and finding they all seem to be made in China etc.--all except the BroilKing convection oven, which is just too much for me to spend (>$700). Help!

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  1. We have two Breville appliances, made in Australia, or at least designed there, which aren't the cheapest but work wonderfully. One is their citrus juicer, better than any I've ever had in over forty years. The other is their blender, which is now being copied by all too many knock off big names, which makes wonderful smoothies and purees like crazy. Again, not cheap but made with good design functionality and look great. So you might look at their lines.

    1. No, you're not going to find any toaster ovens made in the U.S. That's just the way it is...

      However, I highly recommend the Cadco OV-250 ( http://cadco-ltd.com/ovens-qtr.html ). Cadco distributes other manufacturers equipment to commercial clients, and they distribute the ovens to the general public as BroilKing ( http://www.broilking.com/about_broilk... ). Do note that all 1/4 and 1/2 size Cadco ovens are made by Unox in Italy ( http://www.unox.com ).

      My OV-250 is pictured at the link below -- I bought if for $400 incl. tax about 2 years ago...


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        I'm looking for a good countertop oven so I don't have to fire up my Wolf oven (our electric bills are through the roof already, but I bet you know that) and I've seen you recommend the Cadco.

        I own the Cuisinart TO that everyone else has and think it is no different from the other TOs out there - a flimsy piece of steel wrapped around four to six heating elements, and the outside seems to gets hotter than the inside.

        Does your Cadco conserve heat better than the POS out there?

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          Interesting question. I'd say yes, but only because there is a layer of foil-wrapped insulation surrounding the exterior of the oven cavity. You can see a bit of it when you look at the back of the unit. So it might conserve heat better than a toaster oven, but I don't have anything to back up my claim.

          What I can offer is this: I bought a Kill-A-Watt meter ( http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/trav... ) a couple of months ago and have been using it around the house. For example, did you know that a Danby washing machine uses 0.37 kWh of electricity using the 'A' cycle at 80 degrees F? ;-p

          For the Cadco, I used the Kill-A-Watt during a no-knead bread session. Preheated the oven at 450F for 30 minutes, baked the bread at 450F for 20 minutes, lowered the temp to 350F and baked for an additional 45 minutes. Total energy used: 1.2 kWh at $0.1299/kWh (SoCal Edison rate) = 16 cents to bake a loaf of bread.

          So, it most likely uses less electricity than your Wolf, and maybe a bit more than the Cuisinart. But the convenience factor makes it worthwhile...

      2. Oster makes a Made in the USA toaster oven. Kat

        1. just bought one at Delonghi in connecticut, only 59 + 8 shipping, made in usa,,,,,,yes!

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            "made in usa,,,,,,yes!"

            Really? Would you be willing to provide some proof? A pic or scan would be great, seeing as most of what I find via Google indicates the DO400 is Made in China...

            P.S. The reviews on that thing look dismal.

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              just go to the site and call the guy, very american speaking guy named scott in connecticut and he told me the toaster oven was made in us. Thats all the proof I have. Delonghi may not sound american but you can't go by that, it Is the melting pot after all, only thing is american made means american worker means american retirement! Keep trying all, it'll come back. And I be if it is made in america it'll last more than 3 months.

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                I know you're new here, and just trying to help out, but you appear to have no idea of what you speak.

                De'Longhi is an Italian company that manufacturers ALMOST ALL of its small appliances IN CHINA.

                If this 50 buck toaster oven is really made in the U.S.A., I'll send that guy Scott in CT some beer money. Otherwise, do more research before posting, n00b.

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                  yeah, I read that too blowe harder, I am fairly new at researching products and I do know that its hard to find things made in the states. Pardon me for being enthusiastic in my find and know that when I call back and talk to Scott or whomever and try to clear this up; if I find out that it is not made in usa, I will cancel.

            1. also if u "google " made in the usa ..
              there are quite a few websites that will tell you what is made or still made in the usa

              1. I haven't found a toaster oven or any appliance worth buying for that matter that is made in the U.S.A. We just don't make them here anymore and if we did they would be very high in price. I think people confuse "distributed in (name of American town) with the idea that it is manufactured in that town. China makes 97% of appliances purchased here in this country. Maybe that's why they're affordable.

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                  yes or maybe at best manufactured just means assembled with foreign made parts. ? .

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                    Vitamix is Made in the USA. I have yet to meet anyone who says it's not a quality product.

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                      There's a reason the Vitamix is $400.

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                        As someone was kind enough to point out to me, the OP is specifically looking for a toaster oven.

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                      And their cheap as heck. I'm looking for American made, because I'm not buying another in a couple of months. I've contacted Oster and I'm waiting for them to get back with me, because I want a four slice toaster. There is a site that has vinage appliances at toaster central. There refurbished, but american made. If I can't find a new one I'm going there to get one. I'm all ways looking for made in the USA products and I can say that alot of my things are made here.

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                        smallpaws: I just bought an Oster 4 slice toaster yesterday. After reading your post I looked on the box and there in clear print: Made In China.

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                          I guess I won't be buying one then. Thanks

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                            Now Kitchenaid brings the parts here and assembles it here on some of their toasters.

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                              I checked on Dualit toasters also. This is one of the most highly recommended toasters on the market and range in price from about $100 to $500 dollars (for toast???) and they too are made in China. That's the name of the game sorry to say.

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                            If you want an toaster Made in USA I think you are going to have to buy a commercial toaster as stated earlier in this thread.
                            And at those prices you will be helping our economy LOTS ( - :

                        2. Try looking through the list of manufacturers on this page:

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                            thanks hardline but no toaster ovens :-)

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                              Sorry, it seems I forgot the that little detail. The only Made-in-USA toasters I can find are commercial models made by Star Manufacturing. They're on the ridiculously-expensive side and probably not an option. The other option is to try and find NOS toasters on eBay or refurbished models from www.toastercentral.com. Besides that, it doesn't seem like there are any new Made-in-USA toasters for residential use currently in production.

                          2. im still trying but running on fumes by now miss lisa, I was wrong about the Delonghi, after calling today to the distrubution center and the rep I talked to said that there was no way of them knowing where the products were made and agreeing that Scott probably lied to me to make a sale. I talked to the manufacturer center for Oster and the lady fnally admitted that all of theirs were made in China as well. my apologies

                            1. I'd wanted a toaster oven for a long time and suddenly a friend of my son gave us one. A vintage second-hand gen-u-wine Toast-R-Oven, which obviously would have been made in the USA that long ago. It's big and beefy and solid, and it works great.

                              So....vintage may be your only option.

                              The igniter on our wall oven seems to give up the ghost and need costly replacement every so often...so a toaster oven for small heat-up jobs is just the ticket.

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                                Enjoy your toaster oven. Some of the older appliances still hold a lot of value and quality over the newer, cheaper stuff. I love my Krups toaster oven and use it all of the time. I never turn on my range oven unless I have to bake cupcakes, a large batch of cookies or having my family over for dinner. The toaster oven does everything better AND it has the added bonus of using 1/3 less electricity to operate. You'll be surprised at how much food you can fit into that little oven.

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                                  Maybe the companies who left this country who gave them their start and hard workers who made quality products will come back if no one buys their products anymore. Maybe

                                2. FANTASTIC NEWS- THERE IS A USA MADE TOASTER!!!!!!!! After a very long search, I found a reference to an American made wide slot toaster: http://www.toastercentral.com/tron.htm. Toaster Central refurbishes vintage toasters out of New York, and he recently got an exclusive contract to sell a 2 slot toaster made by Hobart. Hobart is one of two companies that I found (the other is Star) who make American made commercial toasters; they are huge and designed for restaurants, though they might work for some open-minded folks. However, Hobart is now making a 2-slot wide-slot toaster sold through Toaster Central! I think it is safe to say that this is the ONLY USA made consumer toaster (vs. commercial toasters) out there! Of course, if you're wanting to go old school, you can also check out Toaster Central's vintage/refurbished toasters. Or there is this handy-dandy Pioneer Folding Toaster (USA made) I found as well: http://www.jacobbromwell.com/pioneer-.... Apparently there was a period of several years where there really weren't any (except those two commercial toaster companies above!). I'm hoping that he'll get flooded with orders and that this will motivate an American manufacturer to jump back here from China OR Hobart can keep making tons of these commercial toasters! Yay!!!

                                  1. Not to rain on anyone's parade, but as I read it, the OP was asking about a toaster OVEN .... not a slice-of-bread TOASTER. ;) Apples and oranges, as they say.

                                    In other words it seems the OP wanted an appliance that can do other things in addition to just toasting slices of bread or English muffins.

                                    I too wish I could find a made in America toaster OVEN (please note: we have no use for a TOASTER). As for Breville products the company is based Down Under but their products are made in China. When I was stand-mixer shopping I researched all of them, including the Breville, and not only was theirs made in China but it has more plastic in it (including the body) than the other brands (Cuisinart, KA, Viking) -- all of which are also made in China.

                                    I will need to replace our toaster oven fairly soon and might get the Breville only because it seems to have slightly fewer bad reviews than the others. I don't need/want convection particularly, but that one seems to get less complaints than the non-convection one. IMHO they are all going to be made in China crap though.

                                    Based on another response I checked out Cadco/BroilKing. Their 1/4-size "small" oven is still made in the USA but it is still $700 and is quite large! On the other hand, it is made entirely of stainless steel ... no plastic. Which means, of course, that you could probably heat the entire kitchen with it when it's running, as only the door is designated "cool touch", LOL. It definitely doesn't seem as if it's meant to be used in a home kitchen environment (probably sounds like a jet engine when it's running, as well). Also, extra shipping charges apply (another Amazon seller charges $675 for the same model, but $50 shipping). Doesn't sound like an option.

                                    It does seem that there has been no home-kitchen-environment toaster OVEN made in the USA for close to 5 years now. What a shame.

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                                      ..... And it's 50lbs. That's the only problem I have with it.

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                                        Regarding Cadco and its subsidiary BroilKing, if you go back and review my Dec. 2007 post I noted that their ovens are made in Italy by Unox. Cadco/BroilKing are simply rebadging the ovens, and never claimed to be the original manufacturer.

                                        The newest ovens do have some plastic trim bits, which I do not care for -- if you can find an older model somewhere, you'll note that the chassis is almost entirely stainless steel.

                                        And, it's not as loud as a jet engine, and they do not "heat the entire kitchen" when running! As I stated before, the unit is insulated with mylar-encapsulated fiberglass, which keeps *most* of the heat inside the unit during operation (there is an exhaust port on the back of the unit). But, I wouldn't touch the exterior when it's running at full blast ;-)

                                        I'm still a HUGE fan of our Cadco oven, and we use it several times a week. Our BlueStar oven is used primarily to store pots and pans, and for the occasional turkey!

                                        1. re: skyline

                                          Skyline, you're absolutely right - I did miss that. Ironically I came upon the info because I'm also looking for a toaster oven made in the US (we already have a 2-slot toaster), to heat up leftovers with...and I've had no luck besides the huge commercial one(s) like the Cadco/BroilKing that you mention. Sad :( Hopefully this will change if/as more people request USA made...we'll see...

                                          1. re: mrspcomments

                                            "Hopefully this will change if/as more people request USA made..."

                                            No, it won't.

                                            It won't change until investors' expectations of profits change.

                                            1. re: Joe Blowe

                                              Joe - Well, yes, that would be the next step, but I meant that once a TON of people start requesting USA made, then investors will expect profits differently...that's all connected. I'm just not sure how many people are going to keep requesting it, and obviously it's got to be enough people to where, like you said, investors' expectations of profits change. I'm still proud to support the companies who do make USA made here even if nothing changes long-term, but I would obviously be very happy if it does change long-term as well :)

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                                                Heck, I'd be happy with one made in Europe or Australia... anywhere but China. :/

                                                Makes you wonder if our European counterparts are just as disgusted with not being able to find appliances made in their own country either, and only having a choice of the MICC (Made In China Crap).

                                                I do see there are a couple of new entries into the toaster oven field, apparantly: the Viante True Blue and the Frigidaire Professional.



                                                May I insert a gripe here please? Why oh WHY do the manufacturers of under-$200 toaster ovens think that consumers are too stupid to realize that these appliances cannot POSSIBLY have a REAL stainless-steel "box" (exterior housing) at that price point and that what they are calling a "stainless steel exterior" is nothing more than a faux-stainless cosmetic layer????!!! Do they honestly think we are THAT stupid?

                                                On second thought, don't answer that, LOL

                                          2. re: skyline

                                            "When I was stand-mixer shopping I researched all of them, including the Breville, and not only was theirs made in China but it has more plastic in it (including the body) than the other brands (Cuisinart, KA, Viking) -- all of which are also made in China.

                                            I will need to replace our toaster oven fairly soon and might get the Breville only because it seems to have slightly fewer bad reviews than the others... IMHO they are all going to be made in China crap though."

                                            Skyline, I think the Breville toaster oven is largely stainless steel, other metal, and glass, and has few plastic parts, but please let me/us know if that's mistaken. (I know you were referring to the Breville mixer when you mentioned the plastic.. wasn't sure if you did similar research on the toaster oven as you seem ambivalent about it's quality as well..)

                                            1. re: fltxag

                                              And here's a reviewer on Amazon that said it's made in China:


                                              I don't trust Overstock -- to either get things right the first time, or to verify Hamilton Beach's (or Waring's) claim that a product is made in the USA. Especially since both of these manufacturers have a track record of making nearly their entire product lines overseas...

                                              1. Hi there. A while back I was hunting for a non-Chinese made toaster and found this Swiss one:
                                                Seems they won't ship to the USA though....