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Dec 12, 2007 06:56 AM

Anyone been to the Whip in Unionville?

I was wondering if you've been to the Whip and what you thought about it. I am from lancaster county, going shopping in Delaware and thinking about stopping there on the way home. How is the food, beer, and prices?

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  1. I haven't been yet, but we are going next weekend. The reviews on chowhound and in the Philadelphia Inquirer are very good. I am really looking forward to my meal there!
    Here is a link to the thread I started last month regarding the Whip:

    1. I've been there twice -- once for dinner and once just for a couple of beers. It's a really nice place, and it truly does have the ambiance of a British pub. The beer selection was really good, and the prices were fair. But in my one dining experience I found the food to be "heavy." I had the shepherd's pie and my friend had bangers and mash, so maybe our choices weren't the best, but it IS a British menu for the most part.

      1. The Whip is wonderful. Great food, beers, and prices. Although some of the dishes are heavier, that's English pub food. I love the curry, scallops, duck, and the onion soup. It's the perfect place especially this time of the year with the fireplace. Also, BYOB and thet're closed Tuesdays. ENJOY

        1. We have been a couple of times and found they have very unusual beers on tap, don't find many of them around here. Food was very good for the price, service is slow but friendly. Try it, it does get crowded though.

          1. Reading these posts, I decided it was time to revisit the Whip, so my husband and I went for dinner last night. It was his first time there. He chose the tilapia special (I think it was pecan-crusted) and I opted for the burger. We were both very happy with our choices. For me, I'd prefer to go back when I'm in the mood for a burger or a sandwich, or soup and salad, and a good ale. I really do enjoy the ambience, and the service was very good. It always amazes me how crowded it is there, given that it's truly in the middle of nowhere. We went for a relatively early (6:30) dinner. The place was packed and the small parking lot was full (but there's plenty of parking on the road). A heads-up for anyone planning on late dining: on the menu it says that cigarette smoking is permitted after 9:00 PM.

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              CindyJ: Is the lunch as good as the dinner? My sister, BIL and 2 kids are going next Saturday. We haven't decided if we should do lunch or show up for a very early dinner (4:00), since we are coming from so far away. Do you have any suggestions for any attractions in that area that might appeal to a 4 and 7 year old? We were thinking about Longwood Gardens, but if it's cold out, the kids will probably be whining. We just thought if we're taking a road trip, we might want to have the kids see something fun along the way. Thanks.

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                I've never been to the Whip for lunch, so the best I could do is refer you to their website to check out the menu.

                As for Longwood Gardens, you MUST go! There's a practically brand indoor new Children's Garden that's wonderful. (
                Also, there are ice skating performances and so much even indoors to keep the kids interested. And of course, the lights are second to none. It's a spectacular display that the kids (and the adults) will remember for a long, long time. Oh, and there are organ sing-alongs every day, I believe. Last time I was there, quite a few people had brought along their own "jingle bells" to accompany the singing.

                Even though I live practically walking distance to Longwood, whenever I see the lights on for the first time, I'm overwhelmed. I would say that Longwood Gardens is THE attraction for kids and adults in the area. If you have time, though, you can go to the Brandywine River Museum ( to see the huge model train display. I haven't been there in a few years, but I imagine it hasn't changed much. They used to also display one of the Wyeth sister's doll collections, and they still might. But the trains attract young and old. Those would be my top area recommendations.

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                  Thank you Cindy! Looks like we may actually go tomorrow (weather permitting). My BIL is really looking forward to it...he loved the menu.
                  Thanks for the information. I haven't been to the Brandywine in over 10 years, so that might be a nice trip on the way back. I had no idea about the ice skating at Longwood. I last went about 2 years ago, and did not notice any ice out there at that time. Appreciate the information. I'll let you know how much we like it!

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                    Wondering if you have a report for us, mschow.

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                      Yes, we got a bit of a late start, and arrived for lunch around 2:30 or so. We split an appetizer of the Welsh Rarebit. Absolutely delicious and you can really taste the Guiness Stoudt in it. Sister and I each had the fish and chips. There was one piece of fish, plenty for lunch, and it was light and very tasty. My BIL had the local organic burger; he went back and forth between that and the 'Beef on a Weck'. He said the burger was excellent. My niece had a bowl of the soup of the day which was a split pea with croutons and bacon bits. It was very thick and we all had a taste of it. Really good. There is a pretty large selection of beers, and quite a few on tap. We also split a few desserts, but were too full to finish them. I did order a cup of tea since it was cold out at the end of the meal. I assumed I would get a real English cup of tea, but this was the ordinary diner type no-brand tea with hot water from a dispenser poured over it. That was disappointing!
                      Note that they only serve beer. However, we saw a very well dressed man come in with a wicker case holding a mega bottle of Grey Goose. He made himself a few Vodka tonics during his meal. So, they must have some rule allowing you to bring in liquor and wine, since beer is all they can provide.
                      The ride there was beautiful as we came in on 41N from Route 1, then onto 841. The roads are very windy, and I cannot imagine doing that at night after a few beers :)
                      One the way back, we took 841 to 926 out to 202. I have always considered Chester County one of the prettiest places in PA. It would have been a nicer ride had the weather not been so rainy, but the scenery was really lovely. Given our current state of corruption and property taxes in NJ, living in PA is looking better every day!
                      It was absolutely worth the trip, especially with the scenery. Next time we will try to allow enough time for a side trip to one of the museums out there or another attraction.
                      BTW: they are having a New Years Eve special with 6 and 8 seating times. The menu looks pretty nice; I think it is $75 pp for the 6 pm seating and an extra $10 for the 8 pm seating. They also have entertainment that night. Thanks for your help, CindyJ!!

                      1. re: mschow

                        I'm glad your dining experience made it worth the trip. I found out only recently about the Whip's BYO policy. There's a $2.50/bottle corkage fee; I don't know how they'd apply that to something like vodka or other spirits. On your next trip, you can see even more of the "horsey country" back roads if you take 926 to 82 to 841. It's quite lovely.

                        Did you make it to Longwood? How'd the kids like it?

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                          We brought a bottle of Knob Creak with us and the corkage fee for alcohol was $2.50.