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Dec 12, 2007 06:36 AM

Best Christmas Cookies from a MSP bakery

looking to bring a nice trayful to work.

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  1. Looking for cute or good tasting?

    Although you may be trying to avoid a grocery, I wholeheartedly stand behind Byerly's or Lunds bakeries. Their cookies list all their ingredients on the label.. easy to find things w.out hydrogenation, and are tasty 100% of the time. They also try & cater to ethnic specialties (like old-school mn favs).

    Small bake shops may be more 'special' or fun looking, but I don't enjoy shortening much myself.

    1. I started to write a recommendation for Jerabek's (especially the cinnamon stars and lebkuchen) and then remembered this article from Dara M-G, pointing you towards what she considered 4 of the best bakeries for fancy holiday cookies:, and this chowhound discussion about MSP cookies:

      1. I haven't tried them, but Cravings in White Bear had a fantastic looking tray of home-made looking cookies on the counter the other day saying you could pre-order them for, I think, $28.00. They looked delicious and almost like you could pass them off as home-made. Cravings has a couple locations around the Twin Cities, though, I haven't been to any of the others.


        Cafe Cravings
        1600 County Road E, E White Bear Lake, MN

        1. The Birchwood is selling holiday cookies by the dozen - you have to order in advance, though.

          The Cherry Blood Orange Rugelach sound especially yummy.